Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

same place our warspite is never to be seen apparently lol

Yoooo, try this on me

How come no one is talking about the Sea Harrier FA.2 (my beloved)

Scroll up / look at previous parts

Sure hope we get a unique devblog today.
I dont want C&P premiums as a devblog waste.

HMS Queen Mary or Soviet Mig-21 for the British TT as a premium. Take your pick :D

(though i actually think it could be the split BR dev post sooner rather than later as they said that would come before the update)

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And i think BeNeLux will be teaser material.

welp ive been awake since 1am time to go lay down and hope when i get up there is a dev blog

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Yep, will be likely Hungary

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With unique vehicles i hope.

we have reached the Time frame where a Blog could come any minute

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May have a few. Kinda hoping (and slightly fearing) that it will include the Belgium Scimitar (the fear is that the UK wouldnt get it at the same time)

What do you think, will the Mig 21 BISON be a premium with pre sale or will it be added to the British tech tree as normal?

I think premium tbh

Because they cant handle it and its leathery jowls

I guess F-20 equivalent as a premium. We should be getting the Sea Harrier FA2 for our TT. Adding both to the TT would be stupid. Besides. If we can get Mig-21 for our TT. then Leopard, Pantsir, CF-18. F-111, etc for our TT as well

I think we will get a premium Fokker G.1 Hispano though.

Its gunna be intersting to see if they add only ground or a mix

I mean, at high top tier the show off pieces arent realy anything unique

Yeah. Although i find it very weird.
How are they going to implement BeNeLux to France (if its going to be a sub-TT)?
Since BeNeLux has so many unique vehicles in all aspects (and aspects to come; like drones, submarines and unmanned vehicles).
France is already pretty full at ground.