Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

“For France specifically, we have already explained why that is and that we are working towards rectifying those gaps.”

Evil Orange laughs

Poland+Ukraine+Rest of the eastern european nations that cant go in the USSR TT can be included in a single TT.

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I’m curious what would be the “face” nation

still would love poland only for the gathered panther meme

Also it’s official, Viggen and Draken getting nerfed.

This kills the chances of seeing techtree 's that don’t have top Ranks imo:

( CM Covert Disclosures: What We’re Up To & News )

Especially given the explanation of how the research bonuses work(emphasis mine):

(…)If a player has a top vehicle in a vehicle branch within one nation, they will receive a RP bonus when researching the equivalent branch of other nations.

In the research tree, certain vehicles will be marked as “top” vehicles for each nation at any given time. Once a player gets one of these vehicles, they will receive an RP bonus when researching other nations where they haven’t yet obtained the top vehicles. The size of the bonus will depend on the rank being researched and will be applicable for the first three battles played each day.

The preliminary bonus for each rank will be:

Since the system appears to be structured w/ intent to 1. require the player to own an end-of-line techtree vehicle of maximum Rank and 2. not provide any research assistance for " non-completed techtrees* " when the vehicle being researched is lower than Rank 4, it would then appear that there are not plans to add techtrees which would not have vehicles of maximum Rank where the research boost is planned to be the highest.
The boosting is planned for implementation for the purpose of lowering the time to " complete a techtree** " for players who have already done so to increase their interest in starting the grind of less-played and not-yet-implemented trees, after all - having it set up in the way we’ve seen so far would make it less effective or not apply for a theoretical TT that ends at Rank 6/7( i.e. not having “top” vehicles), or mostly consisting of vehicles too low in Rank for the boost to apply to. So we can probably discard the possibility of those appearing as a result.

*used here to refer to techtrees which the player has not obtained the end-of-line vehicle(s) required to activate the research boost
**used here to refer to the act of purchasing the end-of-line vehicle(s) which activates the research boost


i mean that was obvious from the start in my opinion, top tier is the money maker, if a tree aint making money it wont get added

I know, but now we have a display of specific developer intent that would prove it. So it 's still worth mention, I think.

Although that isn’t partially true.
BeNeLux E.G. has a very good top tier naval tree with coastal, bluewater and potentially submarines (if that were to be added) - same goes for their ground.
Their helicopters are also pretty decent.

Yet it’s probably going to be a sub-TT.

EDIT: which IMHO isn’t the smartest choice, since BeNeLux is probably one of the three possible independed trees that they could have added.

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I won’t gaijin lazy add AIM-9L/i, and AIM-9L/i for EU aircraft (germany, italy & UK) at rank 8 ~9

someone (who shall not be named) posted leaks here from a war thunder discord leak server that had rules against taking leaks from there and posting them here. they did it anyway. now that discord leak server kicked off everyone who wasnt a trusted person and they ruined it for everyone else who wanted to see the leaks

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I wouldn’t say just 3. I think there is more than that.

But for Rank 1 trees it’s up there in the top 5.

Then what was on the leak list?

It is a suggestion for how to create a tech tree in a video game.

This is a video game, and we’re not in China and don’t have to follow it’s laws, whatever those are

Besides, Hong Kong doesn’t really have any vehicles of their own any way.

I am mainly interested in Singapore, Republic of China, and South Korea. These three could form a good tech tree in my opinion.

Though maybe Hong Kong has a few vehicles from the British Garrison that used to be there.

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you’re Daring today

Who dares wins as they say.

the J35XS and the JA37C just got nerfed,

new premium???

This could be a very good TT.
Thats how you can include Korea in the picture as well - and not put singapore and HK to great britain

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Flight model nerfs aren’t tied to premiums