Now is the perfect time to add the AIM-9L-(I) to Italy, UK, and Sweden!

With this update, it is confirmed that the JAS-39 is coming for both Sweden and Great Britain. In game, the JAS-39’s main IR missile is the AIM-9M, when in reality it would have most likely been some upgraded form of the AIM-9L such as the AIM-9L-(I) or (I)-1. These are NATO equivalents to the AIM-9M as the United States refused to export the actual M variant to Europe. In game, it would essential be an AIM-9M without the smokeless motor, as they switched the seeker head but retained the body of the Lima variant. So the AIM-9L-(I) would be an AIM-9L with the IRCCM of the AIM-9M. This slight upgrade could be added to both JAS-39s and the Italian F-16 and AV-8B+. This would improve realism and help the Italian ADF in air rb especially with all these new 4th gens with AIM-9Ms and R-73s get added. This addition can be used as stopgap for the Italian F-16 before its AIM-120s get added later on. This is a low-effort add and can be given to a multitude of countries. (GERMANY ALSO USED IT).


Britain used them on the Tornado F3 during 1991 Gulf war and the Sea Harrier FA2 (and I think Harrier Gr7/9) was equipped with them for most of its service life (I think there was even a source stating the Sea Harrier FRS1 was trialed with them) . So they were exported. I think it was actually that europe found their performance less than hoped and not worth buying. So they went with an upgraded Aim-9L or something.

Britain had terrible issues with them on the Tornado F3 due to the modification Britain had made to their rails (a modification absent from the game I might add) so that is why Britain stuck with the 9L until ASRAAM for the Tornado


Yeah of course forget Germany, the guys who actualy developed the missle and are producing it geez. Besides that the Hungarian Grippen actualy use the Aim-9Ms


I don’t believe I ever referred to the Hungarian JAS-39, I was strictly talking about the variants that are being added this patch.


still shows that grippen actualy used that missle, while you are speculating if the sweden and uk grippens would have used the aim 9l(i)

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With the exception of the British Modified rails. All Aim-9L platforms should be compatible with Aim-9M and probably Aim-9X, ASRAAM and IRIS-T.

Though in the case of Sweden, I dont think they ever imported Aim-9M and South Afirca uses IRIS-T (so will get whatever sweden gets)

Aim-9M though is probably the better missile as it will be smokeless.

Im guessing no Aim-9Li because its more work for the devs for what is essentially just an Aim-9M with smoke


Did the italian F16 actualy use Aim 9L(I)s???. I am dissapointed, thread is a joke. Wants to give the Aim 9L(i) to planes , but names none of the ones that actualy used it

still dont like how he wants the Aim 9L(i) for planes that never used them, but doesnt even bother actualy naming the ones that did use them. Sorry but that is just stupid and entitled of him

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I do believe I mentioned the planes, Italian AV-8B, F-16, Swedish JAS-39, and possibly the SA JAS-39.

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Its a little rough but assuming italy doesnt get the Hungarian Gripen C soon. They will be left without a top tier IRCCM fighter. An upgrade for the F-16 could be an option and Im not sure what Italy’s F-16s used. If not Aim-9M then probably Aim-9L/i

When it was just 1 or 2 jets. Adding Aim-9L/i was probably not worth it. But now, it probably is

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they are using Aim 9Ls not Aim 9L(I) thats a difference. The only real Aim 9L(i) users in game as far as i am aware are german F4F phantom, Tornado Assta 1 and Tornado GR1 maybe

thats the thing the planes he named used neither thats my problem, while he completly ignored the real users, that could need it

image.png.a3978bead90c6fd8c113ec9ede6e49c3 (1)

AIM-9L-(I) was in Italian inventory…


pretty clearly written they used it for the F104S, doesnt mean they continued using it for F16, besides that the AV-8B got their AIM 9Ms

It was reported by the Italian air force that they were adopted and used on all Italian aircraft from the 2001. (The aircraft that could receive It in the Italian TT are The F16 ADF, Tornado ADV, F104S ASA)


if its that way ok, but still doesnt change he didnt bother naming the main user and the grippens never used them i think

I dont think so. Because of Britains mods basically did everything that Aim-9L/i added anyway, so wasnt worth it. or at least thats the answer I got when I asked in the Tornado Thread.

Tornado F3 could though. (I think)

Aim-9M + SkyFlash ST
Aim-9L/i - Aim-120

Would be the more historically accurate combos I think


Now I’m going to’ take some proofs see You laters boys


About the Gripen I’m not sure, I’m not an expert of Swedish aircraft so I Will not express myselfe on that part.

The main user was NATO? I don’t know why you have such an attitude…