Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

I don’t know much, but I think it has 30 second+ reload. 200m max range, be hard to aim and do little damage. But should have good armour

I’m hoping for some proper mosquito bombers to come with the split BRs

to high in br in my opinion. Most ground vehicles are below or around 10.3 max.

The swedes had Mosquitoes themselves as well, although these were NF mk19’s

Tank next bud

This new Post from the new CM-Talk sadly says otherwise

check the devblog

idk if these could sit at 3.7, and idk about their CAS options i’ve searched alot to be honest and it seems ot me they either have a similar payload to the striker Mosquitos we have in game or don’t have any CAS options.

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wich one ?!?

Yeah, they are most likely interceptors. The swedes might have used them with bombs though

ehhh… that sounds … promising?

Theres gotta be a reason why they are changing up the event for one exception. The reason I forsee is then, the 80th anniversary of D-day.

I want Korea back as a large large EC map myself tbh

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At that point making another gamemode is an option. Idk about you but I don’t think most people will sipport smaller maps when they realise they’ll get sniped on takeoff by an ARH that they don’t have because Gaijin hasn’t decompressed…

This reminds me of the Chinese bobcat all terrain vehicle :)

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That looks…… ugly

But he can carry many different weapons

a10 when it sees that yummmm…… freee xp

It’s a British event vehicle. No chance we ever get something like the 292

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Some of his weapons can also pose a threat to a10