Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)


I hope to see more high tier LTs this update, i’m bored of MBTs and jets. Something like this gigachad would be fun to play:


Can we agree to the point that UK, Japan,Israel, France and China first should get a top tier light or IFV, before we throw more light tanks after nations that already have them?


researchable 2S38v2


How to get people to play sprut:
Giving it 3bm60? Nah, still cant see why the 2s38 cant do its job, or the khrizantema.
Get this thing below it in the tt? Yeah, people would actually grind it.

i am happy i was able to skip the whole american line in the german tree, them moving the leoaprd 2k at the end of the line will save me a lot of future work, but the TD line is still screaming at me, even if i would love to have the wiesel right now

There also an version with the BMP-2M turret

yeah im sure this would be fun to fight and completely reasonable in its implimentation in WT

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it will break down before you get a chance to fight it dont worry

How about we stop with giving russia ifvs atm and start with minor nations that … completely lack any such as China, Israel or even france as you need to spend real money on it …


thats not the bmp2m turret.

I guess? But at the same time i kinda find boring those nations IFV/LTs.

UK? A PUMA with 40mm gun and Javelins.
France? A CV9040 BILL on wheels
Israel? Either the Namer or the Vilkas on an different chassis.
Japan? I think they don’t have something aside from the Type 89. They wil need a subTT to fill the gap.
China? BMP-3M with a better painting

ehhh jesus all your takes are incredible bad, you arent making friends with that post


Okay give me a moment to cook, after that i will make a list that is longer than the Chinese tec tree.
That point man, is such an understatement.


More diversity at top tier would help the meta in my opinion, and a lot of nations have light tanks that have yet to be added, like china for example, so I think this would be a good direction move towards


not BMP-2M turret tho

I know, but was faster to write than β€œsame armament than the BMP-2M”

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such a brainless take

One of my suggestions got posted about the VN-20, it’s essentially a Chinese Puma with better armor and potentially a better gun as well

oh yeah because 2S38/BMP2M but just flatout OP is so much more interesting

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