Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

You won an excuse to buy yourself some more GE and start over.

I have been grinding Israel in the past few weeks and thats a lot of spikes coming towards my merkava

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also dont tell them about this


Best British Toptier option lmao.


Well, there are the repercussions for not owning one quarter of the world.

fell like French rafale radical fans are the most annoying

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F-16MLU “late”

I think they just wanted to create that time separation between grinding same exact jet and same exact jet but different weaponry so there would be less complaining

It’s about BR fillers.

If you give it 9Ms, its BR would go up. Better to leave it where is is and add other aircraft at higher BRs. Like the J-11 and I’m guessing relatively soon, J-10

Italy is in the same boat. And arguably so is Britain with the F3. Better to leave an F3 at 11.3, than whacking it’s BR up to 12.7. better to add a second F3

Got some old message flagged too.

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At least I might expect gajin consider AIM-9P-4 replacement AIM-9P, AIM-9L replace with AIM-9M/AIM-9M-9, active radar homing BVRAAM AIM-120C-4 or AIM-120C-5 AMRAAM, GBU-10/GBU-12 Paveway II LGB, LANTIRN pods export version and AGM-65G this quarter or second quarter

Personally, I think F-16A Block 20 MLU in china tech tree it might be F-16A MLU late

We’re getting used to seeing our techs going elsewhere (and sometimes never coming home).

China don’t need Mirage 2000-5, they already have cool homemade and US stuff. They don’t need more.

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yeah, not commenting that either

You part of the nation that got our tech and we are still waiting for, yep don’t comment, it was only karma the Sweden things for you :p

At least now you have top dog tanks with spall liners.

But you’r still among the most played nation, the difference is there. It’s less “harmfull”.


Where captured French panther, Tiger, stug btw? get out

1 thing realy has nothing to do with the other, besides that most players realy is mostly only because of the iconic ww2 stuff

me holding the urge to provoke someone into hate speech


u mean like saying sth like, in before germany ends up getting a switz mirage?

I might hope after Shenyang J-11 & Shenyang J-8F gajin might considered early domestic chinese Multirole fighter aircraft or early domestic chinese naval fighter or lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT)/multirole light combat aircraft in the future

I believe this year J-8F received PL-12 from gajin with increase higher 11.7 BR

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