Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

It didnt but i don’t see why they wouldn’t add it in its best possible form. It was certainly planned so I’d expect it tbh.

Because that is not Gaijin’s criteria for adding tanks. They don’t operate like that.

easy boy, he’s just joking, he has no bad intentions.

I find the Object 292 to be a good event vehicle. It’s a weird prototype.

To me things like it, the Churchill Crocodile, And well I’m iffy with one calling the new Sheridan a good event vechlie. It’s something that feels it fits both.

Basically weird modifications and prototypes of vehicles of the nations that have a home.

Things like the Cent Mk 2 and things that could take away from future nations like the Australian AC and their Cent or C2 Mexas.

Basically, things thing should be tech-tree or take away/scatter possible future nations/nations without a home are bad event stuff to me.

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I think weird vehicles are the best for event vehicles. I generally agree with your philiosophy. It’s specifically the Object 292 that I think should have been in the tree because of its unique characteristics and what it would have added to the tree. I don’t think the 292 is an awful event vehicle, it’s pretty decent, but I do think it should have been in the tree.

Russia can still get a T-72 armed with the 2A83 as a TT equivalent in the future. However, i consider than high performance guns (130, 140 and 152mm) shouldn’t be below 11.3 for the sake of balance.


This thread contains a lot of information about 140-152mm vehicles for the future of rank VIII and potential IX:


That’s really cool, I did not know that existed. Thank you for informing me of that.

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I guess 3 legacy Hornet and F/A-18E Super Hornet 2 variants for USA tech tree (12.3, 13.0 & 13.7 BR)

  • F/A-18A (1989)
  • F/A-18A+ (F/A-18A Plus) (1993)
  • F/A-18C (1996)
  • F/A-18E Block I (2002)
  • F/A-18E Block II (2008)

And its coming with the A hornets

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A+ would be useless tbh. Rest is good

It looks like it, but I don’t know about the accuracy of every item on their lists.

All I know is certain high profile things like Type 81, F-111, F-15, Su-27, etc have been there and correct. If they’re posting corrections too as you mentioned, then that’s even more credence to the list being correct because they’ve corrected their leaks in the past (which means F-2 and O4A in the running still).

Man, if that’s the case, they must have a good eye or something cause I don’t know names of half of these vehicles lol. If they’re actually wrong about the F-2, I want to know what they saw that they mistook it for because I’d think the F-2 is distinct and famous enough to not be confused with like an F-20, but maybe it’s a Thai F-16 they mistook it for (I can understand people mistaking the F-2 and F-16 especially if there’s no textures on the model yet).


Yea that’s a point a person mistook the Thai F-16 as the F-2 that make sense now


If thats true that just makes things more interesting…i mean one leaks said new top JP plane…but its not F-2 but if they mistook whatever model as an F-2 then that would imply a new F-16 of some kind for Japan…


If the F-20 comes as a prize, I want the variant with the F-16’s engine

Given the recent PTD was full of Thai stuff it does make a lot of sense.


F/A-18+ (1993) like F/A-18C but before integrated AIM-120C and used General Electric F404-GE-400 engine from F/A-18A

F/A-18C (1999) upgraded with General Electric F404-GE-402, armed BVRAAM AIM-120C-3 and GPS guidance munitions (JDAM)

F/A-18E Block I with General Electric F414-GE-400 engine & AN/APG-73 RUG II radar, IR AAM AIM-9M-10, MRAAM AIM-120C-5, GPS guidance munitions and GPS/INS stand-off long-range guidance bomb


Passed to Dev means absolutely nothing on what’s coming to game, other than the forum mods think the suggestions made are popular and/or high enough quality to pass them on to the devs.

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Wouldn’t surprise me a bit
Other nation getting better variant of the jet before US

My AV-8B Harrier suggestion was passed all the way back in April of 2023
Almost a year since it was passed yet it still isn’t in game
Just an FYI so don’t get your hopes too high

Its getting treated well though, by some of the best top tier players.

Yes this message is a part of the conspiracy