Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I mean they could just drop it as 12.0 premium at rank 7. Not like someone would stop them

Gaijin will be the first one to stop that, since straight up buying top tier meant that the potential income from selling premium accounts would be lost, as well as other things.

top tier is rank 8 12.7BR

No high tier reward was premium

I meant it in case of it being a pack premium and not event-premium

Smin officially denied dutch aircraft for Germany


Oh, this is news:

I figured you’d all want to see it.


ah, couple seconds too slow.

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Currently the most likely candidate for that is the Yak-141, it already has loadouts for R-77.

So Germany is going to get a jet but it’s nether Dutch or trailed.

So that only leave one option open Argentina

A-4AR could be a good option for CAS


We are working on new vehicles for Germany across multiple ranks.

There are other jets available to Germany than just Argentinian. There are still 262 variants that are possible, or other late WWII prototypes. Also East German stuff that might already be present in the RU tree in some capacity, or West German stuff such as Alpha Jet. This statement from Smin also doesn’t confirm there are even jets likely to come any time soon. Could be piston engined aircraft instead or alongside more Rank V/VI jets for Germany.

F-4F ICE is the answer

I said this before and will say it again : D

I would picked almost anything Argentina over the Swiss hunter but yea Skyhawks are good picks.
Though it would be funny if Germany got the Dagger lol

That would atcually make me start to grind Germany top tier again


or Tornado with AMRAAM

Where would Germany get it? They never had fighter Tornado.

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As of East German vehicles, I figure a BMP-2 would be great for filling the gap between marder and PUMA. Strela-10 would be great as well, but the ozelot can do its role to a limited degree already. Rest of the vehicles such as the T-55A, T-72S, ZSU-23-4 either has no lineups or are not enough to make the lineup better. Air wise, I am not very sure, perhaps the L-39 trainer. Getting more German designs would be better.

So attack variants aren’t capable of using amraam?

No, they dont have the same radar as fighter ones. They can use AIM-9s and IRIS-T


It doesnt even have access to any significant radar, except for a ground searchi which wasnt properly made.

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