Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I would expect it to be a french boat

Remember peeps alcohol is bad lol

i wonder if we’ll still get 5 updates per year

nah, will be a british Boat that fires Exocets :P

No one trolled you. We just pointed out what you usually do


We literally just got a devblog my dudes. No one noticed the “Development” tag? [Development] Testing out the Severe Damage mechanic

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Never claimed anyone did.
It’s a generic observation of the last hour of posts.

And no one pointed out anything I do. There are no posts doing so.

I might be the minority but if it is a British boat I’d want a Flower-Class Corvette.


That doesnt count you know what everyone wants.

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We did, but its not the devblog we were talking about :p, we were expecting a devblog about the new patch but the patch times are following a new timeframe.

This new mechanic is pretty good Teammates cant steal your half dead kills anymore

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Is that even confirmed though?

M8 how many bottles have you had today ?

I think its time you cut back on the weee drink

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Yeah they confirmed it in the RU forum I think

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Cant get much more confirmed than this.


Be careful bro. You can get another ban.

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Smin said its not tied to the update and there is a new blog date timeframe now

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I mean, I want more vehicles in all tech trees.
Been waiting for Scimitar & Scorpion for years as an example.

I’m not bothered now as I got most people here on discord lol 😂

Ignore me i replied to the wrong message