Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

@長門 Perhaps this class of BB would do for an Italian 16+ inch armed ship. It’s paper, but they said they’d accept paper designs, it’s also the only option

Ansaldo UP-41

This is a redrawn example of the original with no details changed.
r/WarshipPorn - [OC][1600x740] blueprint of the Italian battleship Ansaldo UP-41.

From reddit:
The Ansaldo UP-41 was a battleship concept first introduced in 1934 as an “oceanic” counterpart to the Littorio-class battleship, which was developed as a “Mediterranean” battleship. The design of a new larger, heavier, more armored and more heavily armored ship was introduced by admiral Vladimiro Pini. The ship was designed by the Italian company Ansaldo and had multiple redesigns (1935, 1937, 1941) which led to her final design who included a main battery of 3 x 3 406 mm/50 (16in) guns, a secondary battery of 4 x 3 152 mm/55 (6in) and 12 x 2 90 mm/50 (3.5in) dual purpose guns, and an anti aircraft battery of 18 x 4 37 mm/54 and 18 x 6 20 mm/65 guns. The belt armor was 370 (14.6in) to 425 (16.7in) mm thick (around the barbettes) plus some attached anti spall plating who led the overall thickness to be 390 mm (15.4 in) and 450 mm (17.7in). The deck armor variated from 120 mm (4.7in) to 170 mm (6.7in), with the external deck being 55 mm (2.2in) to 70 mm (2.8in) thick. The stern was protected by a 320 mm, 340 (13.4in) with the spalling plate belt, while the bow was protected by a 150 mm belt. The barbettes and the conning towers where to be 370 mm thick and the turrets had a face thickness of 400 mm (15.7in). The propulsion was provided by 8 boilers producing a total of 180.000 hp with 4 shafts and a projected 32 knots top speed. The ship was to have a displacement of 42.000 to 45.000 tons in a length of 252 m (826.8 ft) a beam of 35.5 m (116.5 ft) and a draft of 9.4 m (30.8 ft).

True. I could see premium/event without the line right now but not researchable ones.

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Yep that a given since we already had aircraft added this way

yup agree,
US, Rus and Germany are pretty much saturated. No need for sub trees there honestly.
China can have its own export vehicles as a separate proper sub tree(s), lol
Since Italy already gained a subtree, next, Japan and Israel needs the subtrees the most.


Yep agree but for Israel who I doubt any Arabs nations or the people of Israel want to be sandwiched together.
The only real option would be Chile

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@Shay i meaannnn, this is a good suggestion

if you ignore that french and latam supporters would propably kill us

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The big 3 dont need any form of sub tree, plus its impossible due to the code to add one to them anyhow… unless you want some of germany removed?

again, i recommend u to actualy look at the suggestion befor saying anything

Yes I know but to add an air tree there’d have to be a ground to aswell

well show me UKs SA air subtree

Yea, Altay was developed by Otokar with Rotem Korea as consultant firm. Altay uses the key technologies of the K2 Black Panther, accorded by an agreement signed with South Korea.
Altay’s main gun is a redesigned under license based version of K2’s CN08 120 mm L/55 gun.
But Altay doesn’t feature the autoloader.
Hence Altay has crew of three and is much heavier. Because of extra member’s space as well as much beefier armor layout(with Boron Carbide composite elements and additional ERA layer), Altay is 10tons heavier than K2 as well as longer length wise with extra pair of wheels.
Both tanks planned to have MTU MB-883 Ka500 diesel engine with RENK transmission.
But now (after German embargo about MTU engines) Altay will have the South Korean 1,500 hp DV27K engine of K2. And later will switch to Turkish 1,500 hp BATU engine.


Plus germany has more then enough on their own to fill a tree they dont need handouts from another nation that adds nothing new to germanys already… “unique” air tree

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Does turkey have their own apfsds like SK or do they licence another nations like from america or SK themselves?

germany has massive CAS problems at those areas and it would solve the problem of the top tier gen 4 fox 3 fighter,
You realy are only fighting it for the sake of fighting it when i pointed out valid points, in the exact same setenece

“Plus UK has more then enough on their own to fill a tree they dont need handouts from another nation that adds nothing new to UKs already… “unique” Ground tree”

Fits perfectly well into your sentence lmao

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Difference between that is the majority of the uk tree is unique compared to el soviet style in germany

what does that have to do with this matter lol? germany has unique vehicles in cold war era as well, plenty even, you could even remove all the ground sovjet vehicles

So again what we learned the argentinian air sub tree would fit into germany, would resolve multiple problems. It is not required that an ground tree exists. Everything 1 to 1 like Uk

I’m talking about the fact that there’s already five lines, not that there’s enough vehicles.

btw i would have argue that specialy israel, maybe japan, should have gotten an sub tree before italy even

Fine… argentina is ok…

Turkey produces licensed Israeli M322 120mm Sabot as MOD 290.
New 120mm Sabots can be acquired likely from SK, as well as from Germany
and Turkish should be developing something of their own by now
Turkey does have some 120mm HEAT-MP-T and HE-T rounds of their own.