Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Yeah because it’s off topic, quite heavily at that.

Link to the fan zone?

Thanks man

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Do I just walk in and post?

Yes a tab tree would be very nice


Yeets in into a black hole instead


Nuh uh


would mean every nation can get a sub tree and ones that still have gaps can get a second (like japan most likely)

All I want for next major update , to be more game modes to play . And bring more staff in the security department , it seems you having like 10 people working in there . We need more security in game , stop giving us every time a new high tier premium and invest some money in security . I’ve die by cheaters in this game and dont bother reporting them since it’s a waste of time

In no realistic scenario is the time needed to get the WT partnership program more profitable for in game content than just doing any kind of paid work instead…

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Looks a great way to stop forcing to grind an entire line to advance to next tier, i remember when finland come to sweeden, i was like 10k from tier 5 everything was okay but then update droped and instead of 10k from next tier i needed 2 more vehicles and needed to unlock an entire the fucking line that i don’t even play…

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Yea, people say the down side is still the grinding but like we have the ability for Ground trees to research helis so why don’t we do the same thing again ?

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That would be neat to have in-game. Though I sadly doubt it will come :c

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Well if people make suggestions we might have a chance, I know there one on the way

The system of separate tabs make the most sense, at least so far.
It leaves a lot of room for future growth and changes. The best we can do is hope Gaijin is thinking carefully and listening to our feedback which would help.


I hope I’m proven wrong then, if it does get added I will eat my hat.

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I mean I ain’t saying it doesn’t make sense, it clearly does make sense and it benefits the player both in the short & Long run.

The reason I said I am a little bit doubtful since you know… Gaijin being funny, but hey It ain’t a bad idea to add that to the game and it would be pretty cool.

Well right now the best thing we can do is make a suggestion ad put the idea to youtubers so when the next roadmap comes hopefully then it will be added.

Yeah, that’s my biggest hesitation with it. We don’t know what they’re planning or considering our feedback.

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