Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

@Hyrikul bit like this m8.



238 last I checked

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Problem with the subTT placed here is what if a subTT add more than just ground, or just air ?

I think it’s better to have the choice of flag UP the armies tabs

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Yea the tabs locations are gonna be a tricky one at the end of the day at least for now. I feel like gaijin will just nuke the 5th line for France and move them to the other lines .

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Inshallah teaser in 1hr


Very very unlikely

Not likely to happen until we’ve had at least one Dev Blog, so at least a week out yet I think

The balance of the Top Tier in ground combat is collapsing - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum
Hey guys, come and see this

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im confused to what this is for lol

That partnership program

Can’t spend that much on games 😔

Blud flagged my comment

Time and quality content will get you followers. Asking for followers wont help.


I been at it for so long dude, time is limited for me too.

I can understand that but these stuff sometimes need some luck. Not every gets success in content creation.

Please use off topic thread for such posts.


I will

Sorry use the Fan zone

The fan zone?