Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

I adhere to this idea, Gaijin needs to rework the TT’s to be able to expand further, add new minor nations and improve the competitiveness and variety of the major nations.

Judging by your post for partnership, you do not have 500 follower mark as it is required as well, so if you do not meet those two requirements for Twitch, you will not get the partnership, also I do not think people know how long it takes for Gaijin to respond to partnership requests, and your question is considered off-topic here I’d thread carefully as you’re sort of new, just do not get lot of your answers removed as it will affect your ability to post in the forum as a whole

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I also linked a yt with 7k subs or so

French sources sorry about that, for make it short: Luxembourg is buying 38 EBRC Jaguar (alongside other French transports/vehicles).

This could add another Lux vehicles, perhaps as event or premium since of course France can have it’s own.

Another things that could explain/ go in favor of BeNeLux for France ? x)


French IFV? NUH UH


Interesting news though why anyone but Luxemburg buy tanks they are the last country in the EU that needs them.

I would say that San Marino needs them less, but sure.

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They probably intend to have an expeditionary force as part of EU preparations for conflict with russia.

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Make sense thinking of it that way

"The project will have a budget of 2.6 billion euros over thirty years. ‘This is a historic investment in our defence, which is necessary if we are to remain a supportive and reliable partner, honouring our commitments within NATO and the European Union [EU]’, emphasised the Luxembourg minister.

This sum will be used to purchase 38 Jaguar EBRCs, 16 Griffon light armoured vehicles and 5 Serval light armoured vehicles. There is also talk of an order for 3 armoured recovery vehicles, 50 trucks and 24 tank carriers compatible with the SCORPION programme. Deliveries are due to start in 2028."

Dunno what they gonna do with that but i guess/hope for them they gonna have some use because it’s no small expense ^^

Probably an help for reaching the 2% and yep, be ready since we are not really going toward peace with all these tensions everywhere…

Anyway, this confort me in the logic behind BeNeLux for France.

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T-84 idea
The most unsuccessful T-84U tank in the world has never fought anywhere ...
Maybe after the T-80?


Here is the thread for that type of posting.


Oh so it’s a let’s keep our partners happy move then a need move

Does anyone know what WW2 Navy bomber’s with a gunner that flew in Texas? My Grand-dad was in the Navy

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That’s certainly a very precise question you’ve got there.

I think it’s more than just pleasing the partners, maybe they just want to get more involved, and that’s fine.

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It would likely go into the American tech tree.

Eh, with Thailand in Japan, we’ll probably see the T-84 in the Japanese tree first

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Just had a random thought…

The supposed Indian Mig-21 coming to the British TT…

Could it be a CBT pack for an Indian TT?

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