Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

That only looks like one, but if your looking for the spiritual wiesel descent look no further than the lynx series.
Did someone say fire support?


bro i need this ingame no joke i actually would grind china just for this


Imagine how embarrassing it would be to get killed by this.

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more reasons to grind it out lol

I meant irl lol

well, not literally copy. For the turret, they are just similar and I use them as example.
the Chinese wiesel, I’d say it did copy the idea of an armored heli drop vehicle, but China do have super love in heli drop vehicles, like the CS/VP4 lynx. So I’d call it half reference half convergent evolution.

Here come the suggestion. you can see how crazy they are
NORINCO 8x8 CS / VP4, Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum
NORINCO 6x6 CS / VP16B, Multi-purpose all-terrain vehicles - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum

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It would be annoying. People would hate a bush that fire 40mm apfsds and missiles.


I would just uninstall the game at that point cause that would be so embarrassing lol.

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I think some sort of dutch amx-13-105 to finally fufill that promise of france getting a df 105 equivalent.


Probably the whole reason they thought up the tree in the first place.

This was said about BeNeLux but it’s around the corner!
Lumping Iberia as one makes it more likely I’d say.

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Why not a French one?

yes it would be annoying but it also looks like it’ll die if you look in it’s general direction

Because the French never used the AMX 13 105. Even though France should’ve already got the Dutch AMX 13 105, (for argument’s sake) there was another version where the French put a diesel engine into an AMX 13 105 for better mobility and offered it for export which should have already been in the TT nevertheless:


project code: WZ505, WZ122R,WZ1001
service name:ZBD86, ZTZ96, ZTZ99A

Italy never used the OF-40.

99.9% sure no dev blog today. We already have a leak, so not expecting anything new.



Was placed the order for the OF-40s, but after got cancelled

And the OF-40 was created to replace the old italian tanks that were in service at the time

I guess it would be like latests SU-25’s without any armour, and USSR just got another striker, kinda enough to have above 10.0.
I would rather them add any to 7.7-9.7 range instead with aircrafts like Su-25 prototype being limited to onky S-24 and IL-40P.

It should be higher as it carries R-73s, should also come with Aermacchi M-346FA (and a hell of a lot of preceding Aermacchi variants…).