Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

The US never used 15" guns


I’m just wondering if this would be possible in game. So let’s say there are multiple jets with long range ordinance that you can not hit with you SPAA. There could be a feature that lets you spawn into a patriot system/ whatever the russian equivalent is(S400?). They did this with drones and I feel like this could be a great feature. It would be 500-600 SP to spawn and it would help with these long range weapons. I think it would be even better if only one or two people could be in it at a time.

Russian equivalent is S-300, S-400 and beyond would be too advanced compared to everyone else.

Are different systems that the usa has to compete agasint the s400

the closest russian counterpart to patriot is s-400 tho

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You have that flip-flopped. Closest American analog to the S-400 is the Patriot, but even the Patriot is not as advanced, nor capable as the S-400.

A better 1:1 equal would be the S-300. If you want to get granular, it depends on the missiles being used too. Both systems have different missiles they can load.

Turkish S-400? :D

he asked about usa is turkey usa i do not think so

Here is my idea

To make it even do you think the usa could get any of these. (I copied and pasted this and i’m not educated on all of these systems) To help shot down planes and missiles?

  • AGM-88 HARM

This missile has a proportional guidance system that hones in on enemy radar emissions. It also has a fixed antenna and seeker head in the missile nose.

  • SM-6

This missile provides anti-air warfare support to the US Navy by engaging manned and unmanned aircraft attacks and cruise missiles. It can also protect ships against ballistic missiles in their final phase of flight.

  • Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM)

This missile has successfully completed flight testing, leading to an early operational capability (EOC) declaration by the US Air Force in December 2018.

Other US air defense systems include:

  • MK-15 Phalanx CIWS
  • SeaRAM Anti-Ship Missile Defense System
  • Avenger Air Defense System
  • FIM-92 Stinger
  • National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS)

there is an issue, your spawn idea is in range of s400s and s300s

anti spaa gajin already stated that it would be usless against current spaas in game

Naval only

Naval only


most likely cant be added aswell

It could be increased but I put a list of things that the usa could in theory use to help shoot down these missiles


Ok ok really really bad idea but Next Generation Interceptor (Please take this with a grain of salt becuase it is partialy a joke) Also not so much a joke but The THAAD system

Fine for fixed systems, not SHORAD like Pantsir or Roland. Russian missile would be Kh-31.

You want PAC-1/2/3/or 3MSE for what a Patriot could launch. PAC-2 has published info on it, and it is roughly equivalent to the 5V55U missile of the S-300 system, however the 5V55U is twice as fast.

This is basically just a navalized Tomahawk cruise missile.

CIWS is super unlikely to come, but it could on some wheeled carrier that the US and Israel both worked on. Avenger is just a pack of Stingers on a Humvee, M-SHORAD is basically the same thing. The Stinger is obviously a stinger.

NASAMS can launch IR or Radar guided missiles with an effect range of 5-30km generally.

Would work fine against emplaced SAMs though.

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Can you give me more information on this because this could in theory work.
Also what do you think about the Next Generation Interceptor and the THAAD system

Just google Patriot missile my dude. That’s what I did. I knew they were close on paper, I just didn’t have figures to quote until I looked it up.

Ok will do sorry dude

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Don’t apologize. I have a habit of coming off like an expert, but I’m an amateur like everyone else.

Motherhen357 is a good person to follow for Naval warfare systems. They’ve showed us multiple times now that there are things like Shipborne SAM’s and Anti-Ship Missiles likely coming to the game in the future.

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