Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Ofc but straaange coincidence

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You prefer an M113 over an Humve?

Sure it’s more armored but i would prefer a quick car than a tracked box personnally :p

Still a solid pattern to keep an eye on

Im saying they added the tow box to like 3 countries but never gave us one, so im not optimistic we’ll get a humbee tow either.

In my memory you have a tow box also…?



But basing it on past updates:

2023: 14th of June
2022: 15th of June
2021: 2nd of June

Im still placing my bet on first or second week of June. With hopefully that double dev-server for getting ARH fixed

Its premoum.

It’s a squadron.

But indeed i get it it’s sad if you don’t have your own tech, i know this feeling a lot.

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I’m 95% sure the second photo is the LAV-700 which is considered Canadian last I checked.

Tho I believe the most notable thing about the line right now is it’s export to Saudi Arabia. But I might be mixing up with a different model.

Well well well, if it isnt the end of the r&r. It was nice knowing you guys, see you on the other side.

I have not a big knowledge on Belgium stuff so perhaps you’r right, in case i remove it

If the leaked list is for real and we actually get the F-18 in the next update, I will post a screenshot on that replicates this in game lol

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Almost : P

You know what screw it

Hehehe See ya in the next thread all. Im betting on 5 parts this time


Let’s gooo

Oh wait hang on


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