Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Yeah, the AV-8B+ looks interesting, as it has those twin mount GBUs and the radar of course (not too mention a better T-pod) but the rest of high tier is just a budget UK TT :P

They have somethings that look fun though like the AMX. So I might some day grind them, but it wont be the first tree I do.

Yes to all please. I want to make US and Russian mains cry in GRB :P

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I mean the AMX is the Jaguar but with accurate missiles

and better AAMs

Should the GR1A/B not have Aim-9Ls as well??

It would be better to move back to 10.0 rather than getting 9Ls I suppose.

Uh… Yes, IRL they were prolific users of Aim-9Ls, Especially in the Gulf war. Issue is, Jag is super-sonic with no bomb load. AMX isnt. So not possible without at least moving to 10.7 (which could now happen with the split BRs.). Though more likely it will get a BR drop for ARB which will help as well.

The other option for an AAM buff for the Gr1/Gr1A would be SRAAM. (It was slated to use them, and some images show it with them, though not equipped)

Jag Gr3A would be ASRAAM technically, but I could see that coming with 9Ls at about 11.0

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10.7 would be fine for the jag if it got 9Ls, its still pretty manoeuvreable and quick with good guns, and lets be honest 10.3 and 10.7 are still the same BR but one gets uptiered more

That’s not how game development works.
40+ vehicles are added every update, nothing has been delayed for Britain.
Britain has gotten British vehicles every update since South Africa was added to the game.
Meanwhile South African vehicles don’t get that same result… not treatment, result. Which is fair since SA has less vehicles to choose from.
There’s a lot of content this year to add for ground vehicles, patience with myself and others is key.

G91Y, the 9.3 one, is really good BTW. YS is bad cause it has a higher BR due to 9Bs for no real reason.
AMX is also one of my most favorite non-AB jets added in a while.

There is no hatred. Romania doesn’t offer as much ground forces, and Romanian vehicles can still be added to Italy if Gaijin so desires.
There is no limit on amount of flags in one tech tree.

As for 12.3/12.7 jets… it’d be an F-16B with 9Ms sadly.

Yeah, 10.7 would probably be fine for it, though just a question of what is better.

10.7 with 9Ls or 10.0 with 9Gs

The argument can be made that being lower is better as it makes it easier to put bombs on target

Keep the standard gr1 at 10.0, give the gr1a 9L and put it 10.7

Yeah, that could work.

I mean they made SAF adding light tanks to Britain instead of using that time to add actual british light tanks and ifvs. Still waiting for them.

South africa has lots of interesting vehicles still to be added, many are already suggestions on the forum

I agree about the romanian tanks not being enough for a sub tree, but there are still some interesting designs from romanian I’d like to see in game.
Since they aren’t adding a Hungarian air tree apparently, perhaps a romanian air tree would work well for Italy, MiG-21 LanceR would be great to have in game.



it justs that the SA vehicles that do come, do seem to either replace native options. I.E

  • Rooikat instead of Scorpion/Scimatar
  • G6 instead of Abbot/AS-90
    etc etc

Im 100% certain that you could replace every single SA vehicle with a native option

and they also seem to supplement what we already have instead of actually filling any holes.

Like ZA-35 at the same BR as the Marksman (and now Falcon)
Bosvark at the same BR as the Skink
ZT3A2 at the same BR as the warrior.

The ZA-35 and Bosvark of note, considering we still have GIANT holes in our SPAA Line that I think could have actually been filled with either native or SA vehicles, but instead they chose to just double our choicing at other BRs

And a LOT of native options simply… have never been added. Many of which have been asked for years and years. The Scimitar was submitted for a suggestion in 2017. So 7 years ago and it still hasnt been added.

You cant help wonder how many of those Iconic British vehicles, that have yet to be added, could have been added by now if we didnt get SA on our tree and the possiblity of having a proper light tank/IFV line instead of the wierd hybrid lines we do have.

Its just a bit of a shame at times. We probably didnt need the SA vehicles at all, at least as a full Sub-TT, maybe just as some premiums


Need the CVRT family ASAP, along with the Fox, i love that little car, it would be great in game as a flanking tank.

Yeah, they would be awesome fun. I might even consider playing lower BRs again in GRB just for thsoe

Low tier is great, 4.7 UK is super fun.
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