Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

I hope it’s the Bishop, Preist and Sextion if that’s the case.

I need my WW2 Allied SPAs.


In February 2023 the tank type 74 G was available to purchase, let me buy it this year pleeeeeease

I do need to correct myself if it wasn’t clear in the post above. Su-34 has it’s own sort of built in pod, an imager (Platan) if you will, and it’s just like a pod in capability. It can angle itself downwards a bit, giving it better angles and range than the Kaira found on the Su-24/MiG-27, it’s also thermal.

Su-30MKK is Russian, Shenyang did not assemble the initial frames. That being said, it’s equally Chinese as it only serves in the Chinese AF. Su-30MKK and Su-30M have the same capabilities as I mentioned above. Su-35 should be able to handle the same load as an Su-30M. J-16 appears to have the same capability as the Su-30MKK, just with AESA.


When F-4E cockpit gaijin?


Whenever they get around to doing all the bomber cockpits… Oh wait


where do i report a cc

for what exactly?

they shared partnership benefits, which they presumably got from a friend

Everything in the video was an explanation of something ingame, that was the point of the video afaik.

I mention these bc the things they’re attached to are in the files, but not yet in use - was hoping they’d mention them so we’d get some clues on how they’re planned to be integrated.

They literally outline the benefits on the partnership page, so there’s nothing to report.

I’d love to be wrong, but I’ve yet to find any good evidence that the Su-34 actually has thermals.

Bit far of most likely (or not, see logic below), but anyone any idea how the F-117 would be implemented?
Worse than half the loadout of the A6, no A2A weapons and similar performance aside from some stealth.

Was thinking about it because the next US top airframe is the F/A-18 which is about midway with reduced RCS as the F-117 is to say the F-16. Which means they really can’t add it without stealth mechanics. For sure they’ll somehow monetise on the F-117 because everyone will want it and it’s not OP so can be a premium by their logic.

They added the F-14 → F-16 → F-15 over the course of like 18 months so F/A won’t be too far off.

Considering how hard it can be to get a radar lock right now, all they would have to do it make it 10 times harder and boom, stealth jets.

Wonder how that work in game it got no air to air weapons

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Bombs are weapons.

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Well have to see just how many Chinese flankers we get, but I atleast expect a few more, with atleast one being Russian. It’s the easiest way for Gajjin to add more Chinese planes, so it already makes since that if Russia gets the Su-30 or 35, then China would also get them. The J-16 and later versions of the J-11/15 are also options, with the J-16 being one of the most modern versions of the flanker in the world.

My bad left out a few words

I’m expecting a J-11B (with the A being an event vehicle), J-11D, J-15, J-15B, J-16, Su-30MKK, Su-30MK2, and Su-35. With there being this many, as well as with the other Chinese and Taiwanese jets, I would very much like a second PRC line.

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Yeah, the current PLA fighter line is gonna get crowded pretty quickly if they don’t start separating the Russian fighters from Domestic ones. Given that the Flankers are heavier fighters, maybe the split will be made with the J-7 and J-8, with the J-8’s leading to the Flankers and the J-7 leading to the J-10’s but we’ll have to see. We also have to keep in mind that the J-8F will get it’s PL-12’s someday, so that will be interesting to see if they move it around and also give it new Fox-2’s to match

Or maybe they’ll just add the J-10 after the F-16, and just turn the Taiwan line into the light fighter line…

We could even see the JF-17 in the future, but hard to say where that will go, and the bomber line for China is completely unused right now

F-4F ICE will have AIM-9M or AIM-9Li with copy-paste IRCCM from 9M until otherwise figured out.
That’s my educated prediction.

Well there are two. JH-7 and J-11.
Foldering vehicles can occur, and omitting less diverse variants can occur.
Me waiting for P-47s with rear facing warning radars.