Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

how so something to do with loadout on a new plane thats not the F15C

obviously the fact that it also can carry rockets )))

man i just want the hornent

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u got the mig 23ml to grind the air tree, literaly the best 11.3 premium. Its super easy to grind with that one. And like i said the wtd is even bad in grinding air as well

well thats nice, but acknowledged can still mean a year until it actualy gets changed

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I just want AIM-120 to existing aircrafts and F-4F ICE

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lets make a compromise, switz F/A 18 for germany with aim 120

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to this day the Yak-141 has not received its R-73


ohhh no, anyway…


I mean why not both?

And my fgr2 hasn’t got 9Ls

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Probably never will since it getting them would warrant a BR increase
And you wouldn’t want that I assume

No i wouldn’t mind a br increase it annoys me more that we have two aircraft which are the same the 9L would at least make them slightly different

Hopefully R-73 and R-77 soon.

and my JA37D hasn’t got RB99

and my tornados got no IRIS- T TT

What was this again lol?

are you comparing air and ground when there is way fewer air options being developed?, besides that adding 1 necesary aircraft doesnt dilute it. But a tree with donated vehicles from every country certainly does

New update from K2 about winrates.

They even captured winrates especially filtering out matches with the participation of any squadron or premium vehicles.

US winrates still the literal lowest. So people can’t hide behind clickbait or aim.

Either US 11.7 top tier lineup is the worst… Or it’s actually a huge skill issue (unbelievable, I know.)

People make out like the Abrams is the worst tank which it isn’t it just mid
Click bait vs the OES the click bait wins in everything compared