Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

yea would fit for a Turkish bundle


Actually no, a ton of other nations tested not just the F-20, but that exact airframe
The ones shown here are Turkey, the Philippines, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE, Germany, and Kuwait. I believe there were even more, as well


F-20 egypt


I mean we already have a few turkish Vehicles

M60AMBT is an example

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F-20 Tigershark for US?

F-2 for Japan

AH-1W? Doesn’t the US have the Zulu already? Why even bother? I guess BR differences for line ups? Cool I guess.

ZBD’s will be cool

Mutsu - boat

Leo 2A4TR? Is this the new upgrade package similar to the PL? What about the Singaporean Leo upgrade? What country is this going to? Italy? USA? I’ll laugh if it’s Israel.

This wouldn’t be a major, right? So no Gripen C for Sweden. Nothing for USSR, UK, or France?

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oh god the next nation is Turkey

even the F-20 can go there


If true us Typhoon fans will riot after we just got told it was denied for a good while

why the german marked one got a diffrent registration tho?

I remember stating this before, but if the F-20 should be added to any two nations first and foremost, they should be the US and China:
US because… I mean the answer is kinda obvious lol, and China because this thing was literally built for service with Taiwan. Without Taiwan requesting an upgraded F-5E with Sparrow capability and a more powerful powerplant, the F-20 wouldn’t exist.

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did they test, trial or buy it tho?

They tried, multiple times
US kept blocking sales due to concerns from mainland China over it

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The Sweds had the T-80 for a year but yet it’s in game

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if I try to buy an F-22 and the US government blocks me.due to concerns from mainland Germany ain’t that like the same thing?
(I live in Austria)

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Germany tested the F-20 for I think less than a month, possibly a few weeks max.

According to Northrop’s test pilot Paul Metz, it didn’t exactly take a whole lot of specialized training to learn to fly it.

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Ok, and?


How long did Sweden tested the Sherman ?

What I don’t get is I’m pretty sure the devs said, or at least the vibe was, AAM-3 is here in a F-15J (non-AESA F-15C) to give Japan players something to enjoy for roughly the next year, just like the F-16AJ was, last year.

F-2 seems way too soon if AMRAAM’s aren’t in game and we aren’t doing AESA radars yet. Could it be a gimped early F-2 with AAM-3’s?

Plus how is the F-2 not a massive add, before Gripen C? I feel like they’d both have to be in the same patch at that rate.

That;'s a very different scenario. The F-22 wasn’t built exclusively to Austrian specifications or defense needs.

The F-5G-1 and early F-20 was designed specifically for use by Taiwan, but after export sales got vetoed, Northrop refined the design to use for the FX program created by President Carter in the early 80s. Taiwan again tried to purchase the F-20 (by this point closer to production standards), but it was again vetoed.

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How long did britain test the T-90?

(ok let’s stop the heating now before we get it locked again)

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