Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)





I don’t see it as much different from what it used to be, always needed to keep fingers crossed and we still do 🤷‍♂️

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Also these event vehicles are probably going to be really expensive in the marketplace

I guess so…

would ruin the dream of many for the greed of few

I just hope that the chosen event vehicles are extremely unpopular or come with exclusive cosmetics, but leaving the possibility of seeing them one day in the tech trees.
I’m always willing to pay for them if they come as premiums, but event vehicles have no bonuses and their prices are ridiculously expensive in the market.



Any news about F18 Hornet?

not yet sadly

Too bad , I’m just waiting for that acft, it’s a mix between F16 and F15,

So it’ll be a “delete button” tank, both to others and itself.

Even without model updates, there were 5 vehicle additions.

Fuck that, gimme Bradley 50mm

what about CTA Bradley (Bradley with what became the Ajaxs gun)

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Did you try the other formula someone mentioned? Also, some are saying just the KE energy transferred into is enough to kill an enemy tank. I wonder if they’ll model that at all.

3 from these additions were premium or event vehicles. The other vehicles were the tornado assta and a coastal boat. Wow really great additions for germany that patch (sarcasm).

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What’s the speed on the JAGM? I heard it was worse than the hellfires.

oh far worse either way

Chinese new year event=Russian MBT
one must imagine a china main happy

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i think this kinda marks the new ERA for prototype MBT’s in general, and the remark about Object 477 and 195 definitely feels like a teaser, in the same way the remark about yak 141 was on the yak 38 devblog

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