Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Sidam mistral is usable but not very good at his job

a tor m1 was standing in germany during gdr time xD there is pictures of that as far as i am aware as well

C2 Ariete is sex

but was operated by the gdr or just by the soviets?

Arent Mistral missiles pretty much same as Stingers? But it is worse thanks to it not able to launche missiles like now IR SPAAs can?

no idea, ends up with the same debate as the hungarian tiger and panther tanks

Ingame perhaps, but they are far from what they should be IRL.

That was the Aussie one the Canadians left it on


we dont have either of those

Last I checked the CF-18s kept the navel gear.

“Many features that made the F/A-18 suitable for naval carrier operations were retained by the Canadian Forces, such as the robust landing gear, the arrestor hook, and wing folding mechanisms.”

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Yup. Like Stingers. But Gaijin being Gaijin

yet , in the game. But they are fighting the matter here in the forums.

Besides that the leaks say the tiger premium is coming

Afaik Stingers should be 22G, so Mistral should be even better x)

As subtrees,

  • North Korea would fit in China
  • South Korea would fit more in the US but as you mentioned would be unnecessary so the other logical options are either France or Israel.

I prefer a United Korean Tree focused mainly on Korean build and modified tech with it consisting more then more then 80+ vehicles (90-95+ total), it definitely should be a Tree. If locked behind a sub tree it would only receive limited amount of vehicles.


Maybe, but I could’ve sworn they had slightly different ranges. Even if not by much, their guidance systems were definitely improved from the 120A to the 120B, making it just more reliable in general. If not, then it could just be a coding difference in the game to make them different, which isn’t a very popular thing but has been done before

Look at him

tell him he is a a Bad SPAA


he even got the radar hat


iirc the Hungarians did operated them, but that may not be the case for the thor

Now I just put it right here

from king of battle Q&A

Q: With the Type 81 being introduced, having a very advanced IR anti-air missile, as well as other IR missile improvements and addition of new carriers of such missiles, can you tell us anything about the long-reported Mistral / Stinger G-limit matters?

A: Whilst we are currently still reviewing the sources submitted within these reports and gathering our own, we do suspect that the 20-22G limit listed on these reports may be the peak G-force at the moment when the steering surface is in the manoeuvre plane. An average overload of 20G for a missile of this kind is fundamentally impossible because of a small area of aerodynamic surfaces and the fact that missiles of such type have a single-channel guidance with a single rudder, which creates alternating pitch and yaw control torque of the missile. This imposes a limitation on the maneuvering capabilities of the missile, since the steering surfaces create a control torque in the desired direction only for half a rotation of the missile. And speaking about half a turn, we exaggerate a little bit, because thus we exclude the time for rudder shifting from the calculation, which is done four times per missile rotation.

Kings of Battle — Answering your questions from the dev server


i just checked, the TOR M1 was in use with the MBIII (Militärbezirk 3) with german troops. So yeah in use by germans