Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Honestly I would do something like
CF-18 (9G/L and 7F/M)
CF-18 IMP I (9L/M and 7M/P and 120A)
CF-18 IMP II (9L/M/X and 7P and 120A/B)
CF-18 HEP (9M/X/X-II and 7P (obsolete, just for fun) and 120B/C)


it would be good for our naval line (i know they never used on carriers but they could) as it would go sea harrier fa2 to f35b

Command mule


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the Mule is the only vehicle the German army has been using for over a hundred years

If we are going to see Fox 3s, would make sense for MSIP I suppose, though I think @コタリ mentioned certain pre-MSIP F-15Js can use AIM-120s as well?

Then there’s also the better engines, but I don’t know how much better they are or if it’s more of a reliability thing that WT doesn’t worry about.

I’m just really hoping it has something special going for the F-15J compared to US/Israel versions, especially if they all get AIM-120s (for example, AAM-3s).

Maybe it will happen

believe me it wont, italy is getting the centauro 2 most likely or an ariete

And Hungary maybe will get 2a7HU

Which will be nice. And if Ariete AMV PT2 will come. it will be same as in game but with WAR and PSO kit

AIM-120A and B would be the same missile in game.

AIM-9X together with just early AIM-120 doesn’t feel right.

HEP specifically introduced AIM-9X and AIM-120D, something previous Hornet variants couldn’t use.

When Hungarian Strela? c:

when GDR strela?

when GDR TOR M1


Engines of the F-15J are lower maximum thrust but higher average thrust. Maybe also lower fuel consumption compared to the A’s.

Somewhere, maybe around the corner

It is better than 2A7HU now, Germany should get a unique car, and only after 1 or 2 patches, give a Hungarian equivalent. I hate the Swedes, they already have two Strv 122 (2A7 without L55A1 and top thermal imagers, but there are two of them).

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Italy would finaly have a usable SPAA

i dont think that germany had the tor

They had removed equipment needed for carrier operations iirc