Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

I believe the TOR is too modern to get to Communist hungary and Post communist hungary probably doesn’t have the change to field them as well as being blocked by NATO

I have been corrected

This where the Gripen or CF18 would go
Yes i used paint


oh is it that old?

Cyprus I believe operates them too, so could come via Commonwealth to Britain :P

Clearly they should get it before Russia.

i meant the tigers and the panthers

he was talking about hungary fielding tiger and panthers

I am severely confused

Is this fake…or just good ol Gaijin excuses?

was just a comparison to germany using the TOR M1

SAAF’s Gripen was technically used as a strike aircraft too. Why they never bought any BVRs iirc. So could also go after the Gr7 (though in the “multirole” line is more likely)

or Italian tree via Turky

but that’d be… controversial at best

just give them at the same time and no problems, russia arguably doesnt need it with the pantsir. But germany could use a replacement for the flarakrad…

Yeah, that would be tricky.

die Altgenossen wollen auch mit ihrer FlaRak spielen

To be completely honest I think Russia should’ve gotten the Tor instead of the Pantsir. Especially since it was stated that it would come to Russia at some point.

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its a multi role fighter so after FGR2
first few EFTs after the F3 then the more mulit role EFTs in the FGR2 line

Typhoon FGR4 will probably be in the first line, but i reckon DA2 and F2 as pure A2A fighters could be in the second line.

Edit: read your response wrong :P