Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

wishlist, i expect some dogshit copy paste F3 with AMRAAMs

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Mainly wishlisting it seems, no way the F/A-18s come this patch

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Britian has 2 good Commonwealth options for this update
Gripen C or F-18

After that everything else requires AMRAAM or Brimstones



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Me too that’s why i grind china using A-5C xd

lol fair, I just dont wanna spend 70 pound to play an F4J when that is basically what I have been playing for the last 3 years in the FGR2

You will join the Japan club and get a brochure version of the Gripen xD

Heaters only

Events dude, i don’t remember when i spend real money for this game

It still takes too long in my opinion. I wouldnt mind britain being DOA currently, if grinding another nation didnt sound like the most painful thing in the world at the moment. Plus I just have no emotional connection to another tree. I just wouldnt want to grind it. In the future. something liek the Rafale could be cool, so maybe some day i’ll work on the french TT, but for now, I really wouldnt want to

More like our only option is a
SA Gripen with a alt-history load out, or a
F-18 from Canada or Australia that could have a historical load out

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Probably. That is what we are expecting. As Gripen was only AMRAAM for BVR.

After changes in economy and skill bonus it is faster then ever on planes

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What about Tiger E? was already in the game. Leopard A6E, A6M, 7v, a7+ would also be interesting.

Still would want the RP bonus for grinding additional trees once you reach top tier (which likely got permanently postponed) . Plus I really hate ARB and low BR SB. I basically only play top tier SB these days.

If another nation gets an interesting premium aircraft, maybe… but for now. I’ll just stick with other games till Britain gets something, anything else. Or even if what we’ve got gets finished. The nearly year long dry spell wouldnt be so bad, if most of our aircraft werent so badly unfinished

<1K left - not even a devblog today hahahah

Dude! Put 2-4 grenades on it, 100 kg bombs and top tier MBTs are over.

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Sea attacker baguette. :D :D :D

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Is Devblog expected today?

Air and ground, currently theres tonnes of naval options available to add. Ground is mostly fine, just things like high tier LTs and air defense needing “imports”

Air is a slightly different story, due to the UK banking heavily on Eurofighter, and up-gunning platforms like Harrier and Tornado in the meantime.

SA helps a little with their gripen A, but it’s only equipped with more budget AAMs that wouldn’t be as effective as one in game currently

Would say it’s in “Very Unlikely” category