Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

They can have the Cheetah. That is all they’re allowed to have.

UK can get a early version of Indian Tejas jet.

Sidewinders! it’s the next British Fighter

It would really funny if UK gets a AMRAAM capable Tornado as their next top tier jet

If i remember current tornado can carry 4 aim-120

na, curse rhe the Bundeswehr for rejecting it

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I know but what if they add a new tornado as their new top tier jet

they definitely will, they also added the same MiG twice in the German tt

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Yes but they dont specify what version the current tornado is
If its Pre FSP it means the AMRAAMs are without their Datalink

Okey, got it

You already extinguished your “will X be getting Y” quota by asking about new rank 7 tanks for ALL nations)


@gromvoiny when can we expect the next sale?

FSP was after AOP (AMRAAM optimization program) which added the mid course guidance.

In game it isnt SPAA, but IRL it is a spaa

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in the future :}

Where devblog?


Just a few more hours, I bet they’re working overtime to get it ready

Everyone asks themselves this question. I hope tomorrow they show us 2 devblogs

Here we go again with the private moderator

Edit: seriously flagging this for moderator attention lol?


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