Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)


This game should do the maximum possible for keeping nations different and original.

ah yes the pride of the french fleet Le Soggy Baguette

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The issue with this is that the UK tree doesn’t have alternative options at the current time, neither does sourcing from South Africa

Guess what. We where denied domestic options.

@Deathmisser you have the screen shot of this right I saw you posting it before. We could use that right about now.


It’s our last gen nuclear submarine, we use it to follow your trainings on the F-35



UK is gonna get Indian Rafale before france😁

In air ground or navy?

again it is why I only want one, literally they could remove it once we get to 4.5 gen jets I just want something to actually play that isnt a massive handicap

Yeah and then as gaijin start adding more and more planes like that other nations will be less unique. You know what i mean, why someone would start grinds for expample sweden if he has gripen in UK already

Yep… But Gaijin said no. So… Unfortunately we are left with hoping for something else. Anything else. I personally would enjoy the Sea Harrier FA2 (but requires Aim-120Bs) but I 100% understand why others dont. It would be another missile truck and that is all we’ve had in the past 5 years. Low performance, BVR trucks that are barely competitve.

We need either Gaijin to put in some effort (BAE EAP is now an option or Typhoon DA2 with Handicaps) or we need a commonwealth addition. Unfortunately the game is current untenable without something


This was Smins comment on it

i would agree if it didnt take MONTHS of grinding to get to top tier, I would gladly grind the US or USSR for competitive jets if it didnt take MONTHS

It’s not like every NATO nation will have an F-35 when we get there. Oh wait they will.

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So now start talking closer to our expectations in game

That’s cringe

I’m happy to not follow this copy past and to be with one of the rare unique TT of modern time.

the DA2 would be a better option as the flight performance would be worse with the MK107 engines

Idk grinding planes is really easy and fast, tanks are way worst to get


im also just not interested in any of the US or USSR props or early jets so i just dont enjoy playing them

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Do UK mains really think the F-18 is coming to the UK tree this update or is it just wishlisting for the future?

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Yep. DA2 would be a good 12.7. Not denying that, but with the right handicaps it would be perfectly fine at 12.7. But would be an actually competitive domestic aircraft. In the future it could be easily upgraded to 13.0 and then the full Typhoon with all of its capabilities can come when the game is ready. Id be happy with the DA2 at top tier fighter for a while. (Just so long as we got CAS jets to go with it)