Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Noice !

I think it could come like the Japanese old BB thing that is around 5.3 perhaps.


the Vulcan carried Firestreaks

I found it half ugly, half cool.

Yea. Snail does snail. IDK what is the motody bechind chosing this. Or they simply wanted to give 2S drone and scouting, while 10P with scouting would be too op

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Many of you british player asks for gripen, CF-18, tejas, F-111,indian Mirage 2000, even indian mig-29. There were many UK players asking for them, they want everything.

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Vulcan Carried Aim-9Gs

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The guy from said colony(note was an independent Dominion by WW2) wants said plane in the UK.

The plane from Canada is wanted by a Canadian to be in the UK tree.


All in all in the end it doesn’t matter what you, me, they or anyone here wants.

All that matters is where Gaijin wants to place the vehicle. And we have no certainty about their intentions regarding commonwealth vehicles.

most of these are they just want that one thing, I know from talking to a lot of the people here that we just want ONE competitive fighter till the EFT comes since we have been stuck with zero competitive fighters for over 3 years

No. Wrong, Brit main here we want:

Sea Harrier FA2
Harrier GR9A
Tornado F3 FSP
Tornado Gr4
BAE Hawk 200
Typhoon DA2

But they all keep getting denied/require tech not in the game. That leaves a C&P from another nation. I dont want more than 1 or 2 because it would destroy our TT. but the best 2 options are:

Gripen C from South Africa
F-18 from Canada or Australia. (and it would be really good to give Canada or Australia better representation in game)


As long you don’t want Mirage III/F1 or Mirage 2000 or Indian Rafale, i tolerate you.

If you got one of them, 100years wars bis.


ew smelly french stay away



And many player wants that ONE fighter but have different point of view on that fighter. From that ONE plane people see how UK players aks for several different constructions, non of them are british and something just stupid. Like wishes for mirage 2000 for british

I really don’t. At least with the F-18 and Gripen C, it would use the same weapons we are use to. anything Indian would be a dramatically different loadout and it would be really jarring to swap for 1 aircraft and quite frankly. Indian stuff as even less place on the British TT than SA or Canada or Australia does.

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god their putting french in the water what next

yeah it aint british so no

We still put some naval mines between us, just in case.


I really would like to see more players like you wishes for DOMESTIC vehicles, because IMO you griding tech tree for that one specific nation

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its pretty simple go for the onet the most people want which is the CF18 or go for the one most easy to implement and used the same weapons the UK uses so the gripen

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