Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

How they actually had been building them


I forget about this plane xd

devblog Is he coming?

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It is my pleasure to inform you that 2S38 is an SPAA in real life. But snail did snail


he is just a cry baby and doesnt like the idea of anything american being in any other line


Yeah, but that is a rule Gaijin breaks for other nations. But as it would be 10.3. TSR2 would be better. but F-111C is entirely an option for an event or SQV in the future. Far more intersting and better fitting than anything from somewhere like India

So the same as the adats

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Ok, but you wants every plane which is operated by former british colony

fair it plays more like an IFV

It literally is

Wait, you have night battles? What is the secret of getting them? i got a whole 0


Maybe even, low efford vehicle

The secret is be 11.7 and play loads

my guy what part of asking for a single plane is wanting every single plane they operated, I actively asked for only the CF18 since it would be the least impactful


So what i did… Guess im not meant to see the moon

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Probably was also crying the the US didn’t get the Skink.

Despite the more evidence for the UK to get it


Welcome to the British TT.

Low effort C&Ps is the name of the game at the moment, as all of our native options just get denied all the time

The reverse of the AMX10P story haha

IFV Irl, SPAA ingame.

Certainly: Canon de 75 mm modèle 1908 - Wikipedia

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F-111K is boring, let’s get a proper British jet