Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Neither does it looks british.

Looks canadian to me.


O wow Adats and then XM975(10.3) and Lav-ad(10.0) so many top tier aa

Yes the cf18 painted for the battle of Britain i wonder where that is


now would you kindly go look at every other nation and count how many 10.0+ spaas they have?

What are you on about we are talking about the Canadian ADATS.

the give away, is that the griffen is a mysterious beast

F-111K or Australian F-111C would be an intersting event or premium.

I would personally prefer the TSR2 as a low BR interdictor to match the F-111A but as gaijin doesnt like adding anything to the British TT, a C&P F-111 is far more likely.

he is upset because he miss read my comment and is now gonna die on that hill instead of admitting he was wrong

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@gromvoiny is Britain getting a premium aircraft this update? Must know if warthunder funds are needed or not 👀

I wonder how gonna feel people who await the Gripen like it’s gonna be that much of a monster, when it’s gonna “just” be a cool jet in the actual meta, nothing “monsterous”

USSR if we counter 2S38 which have great AA capabilities, and sweden has the same number aa as US

From the leaks there is a premium ids which could be a Saudi one which could go in the uk

the 2s38 isnt an spaa so no, and then sweden I will admit I was wrong on but thats only because one of their IFVs has a radar lol

It won’t be the best but won’t be terrible

If i remeber F-111K prototypes didn’t even fly

its more real then the F16AJ


Same level of shit

I didn’t read what I typed there.

also the prototype being able to fly has never stopped gaijin in the past look at the Ho229

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Sure, didn’t say it would be terrible, actually cool, but people thinking it’s gonna define the new meta are wrong ^^

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