Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

Ukraine has a fully fleshed out techtree with their own indigenous arms industry which makes indigenous vehicles or very competitive upgrades to Soviet-base vehicles. It is hardly patchy in ground forces.

The vehicles may be slightly similar in the middle ranks, so you just don’t add them. There is no need for a BWP-1 and a BMP-1 just for “equal representation” in this proposed UA-PL techtree as Ukraine should take precedence.
I am completely dismissing the baltics.

The techtree is already large and competent enough without them.
UA vehicles would be the majority of the tree, with Poland filling out the lower ranks if needed and adding throughout (as they did still maintain an arms industry even if smaller than Ukraines) especially at higher tiers.

2PL, M1, K2, K9, I could go on about the arms acquisitions they have done, and some of their domestics.

The AF might actually be patchy, with the lower ranks. But it may just have to start at a higher tier, like Israel. Once we get to more modern machinery, Ukraine and Poland have MiG-29s, with UA having upgraded MiG-29s, Su-24Ms, Su-27s, historically MiG-23/5s, I believe.
And gaijin seems un afraid of adding trainer aircraft to lower ranks, so that could satisfy some issues.

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What Type of Aircraft will Britain get this update the CF18, JAS39C or the Atlas Cheetah C ?


Would’ve been a silly question before they added the Bhishma… it would’ve been Jas-39C from SA.
But now… apparently Britain is still a colonial power, or something, so… you should also consider IAF vehicles.

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I’m ukranian, and always thinking about tech tree
But we have one huge problem
Aviation tree

True, in any case I think the armata is a dream, just like the kf51 or the abramsX! These tanks will only be strong here in war thunder! :D

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Have you seen these suggestions?

The most popular, viewed, discussed tech-tree suggestion on the forums. Was certainly popular on the old forums, too.

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Yeah i saw it, but Its not compatible with our new br
Mig21 cannot be rank 4-5
And also I’m sceptic about developers adding anything ukrainian

For rank 4-5, I meant a joint UA-PL Tree, and I am almost sure Poland has some aircraft to fill out those ranks and earlier ranks too.
A stand-alone UA Tree would have to start at rank 6, yeah.

There’s something to be asked about Gaijin…
Politics doesn’t affect us, don’t discuss it, we don’t want any of it.
But behind closed doors, such trees are completely disregarded for “politics”.
Does anyone else remember that apparently Ukraine was going to be added before 2022? I do.


Maybe they fix the Type 10 mobility and armor layout, which can already help it quite a lot and should let it remain competetive against what rank VIII throws at it.

Then if others get even more and more advanced tanks they can just lower the reload as they see fit until they eventually reach all the way down to 1.2s (highest recorded reload speed)

Also “the devs are aware” and “it’s complicated” might not sound promising, but that’s exactly what they said before the Type 81 was added. There might be a good chance we see a Thai subtree sometime next year.


I know this isn’t the place but man that air tree suck it make sense for them to be in Poland


Hopefully Japan will get some subtree in the future and vehicles which will replace unfinished/proposed jets. Nation-based tech trees are more interesting, but there are always outsiders, who bring less money and get less attention, which is understandable, but sad. Subtrees obviously help such outsiders to get more attention from players.
Really happy that I can use some Hungarian tanks in my line-ups, waiting for more and Romanian vehicles as well.


So, one of the best MBTs in the world then?

We don’t know that for sure. Both are just demostrators that or may or may not be accepted into service.

Sure, Pandur II isn’t the greatest and its becoming obsolete fast, which is why MLU upgrade of it - Pandur II EVO is being developed. New turret, new thermals for both gunner and commander with twice tge range, better protection, redesigned hull, Iron Fist APS, these things should make it a preety strong competitor to other IFVs of today

Hiltrin 8x8 being able to swim isn’t important in context of the game. Actually, its more of a bad thing, because ability to swim = lower max weight = lower protection, lower max carrying capacity etc. Thats also the reason why Pandur II EVO will loose this capability (+ also the fact that ambiphious capability isn’t really needed and its a very rare occurence in modern combat)

Czech and Slovak CV-90 Ml.IVs will have Iron Fist…

Also, obsolete compared to what? It will be better than IFVs most in-game nations will have in service, even by 2030.

If BLOS is what i think it is, i doubt it will be added without totally breaking the game

Czech CV-90 Mk.IV and Pandur II EVO will also use new Spike-2LR missiles

BTW, the Akeron MPy along the UAV was quite literally tested on Mk.IV lmao, meaning the Czech/Slovak ones will also have capability to use them

Yeah thats not true, like at all. It will still have one of the best jet fighters in service (i really doubt Sweden, France, Japan, Italy, Russia and China among others will start using anything better than F-35 block 4 by 2030), one of the best MBTs (even if all the things you named were actually put into service, it will be still better than whatever Japan, Sweden and probably even China will be using by then), one of the best IFVs, both tracked and wheeled. As for the helicopters, AH-1Z will still be preety potent by 2030 and i’ve heard an MLU upgrade is planed for it in the future, which will integrate JAGM and Spike ATGMs among other things.

Again, Its more than normal a major power is developing new stuff, but the question is whenever other in-game nations can keep up

And Czechia, instead of just considering it, bought AH-1Z and UH-1Y to replace their Mi-24s, while Slovakia bought the AH-60 and will probably also buy Venom and Viper in the future. Your point?

I wonder if Sweden, Israel, Japan, Russia or UK will have a stealth Heli in the near future. Oh wait, they won’t…

Turkey is not in the game. Don’t see a point in mentioning it

IDK what this sentence means

Which means Sweden won’t have anything better than F-35 anytime soon

TAI TFX is comparable to F-35

KF-21 is 4.5 gen, thus worse than F-35 (but probably comparable to things like SU-57)

Aren’t we talking about Czechoslovakia? Why even mention something that has to do with Hungary? Like sure, its nice Hungary is also getting new equipment (even though i dont think having obsolete fighters way past 2030 is something to brag about but OK), but we are taling about capability of Czechoslovak techtree to have good enough toptier lineups for the future, not Hungary.

Oh, and also. Why don’t you just answer my guestions from the previous comments. Why do you keep writing some (often irrelevant) info about foreign arms industries instead of simply replying to my guestions? I just don’t get it, and i don’t think this conversation is going anywhere if it continues this way…



Turkish vehicles are in game, but Turkey as a whole is not.


wrong understanding of his words

All 3 premium. One, the M60 you can get only on market or if you are extremly lucky from chest, Helicopter was removed, then brought back and then removed again and buying premium F-104S is in my opinion waste of money. Unless you have massive skills in playing F-104.

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still doesnt change that they are in the game, same as romania and norway.
Additionaly the turkish leo 2a4 and another fighter are in the game as skins as well

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Yeah, same with Czechoslovakia (Czechia and Slovakia) vehicles in game. Praga, Moderna, SU-25K, the premium Helli Mi-something (i dont remember now full name of it). Skins for Lt.35, Lt.38, Hetzer, Mig-21 and im sure there are few more.

Wait, is someone talking bad about our CEASAR ?

Italians only wanted Italian wood in 2018, whether it was Italian development or a vehicle used from the 1920s to the present day, but operated by Italian forces. The point is that the Italians have something to do with it. And that’s why it has a mini U.S.A tech tree and German vehicles… And the fact that they never get anything, the Gaijin hates them, was a text from the Italians.