Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Yea that F-16 will fill this gap nicely

I get his point though cause he doesn’t what every nation just being f16s everywhere so i say we get f14 as no other nation would get (joking on the last part should be cf18)


If you want to fly a F-16 go and play a nation that operated F-16s (or is called Japan)

I knew it he a Japanese main !

That’s why he get’s sick of me talking about the AJ !

I am as well!

Yeah, the japanese main that weirdly wants british stuff

That’s true although the UK’s issue is it’s well filled with a lot of crap hahaha.

Like the lightning, Jag Gr.1, Javelin, Scimitar etcetera are exceptionally difficult to use or just straight up bad, things like a CL sabre, Cf-100, Cf-18 for top tier may help to plug those gaps where there is 1 viable aircraft in an entire rank.

This so off topic guys. Where’s the rumoring? I don’t want to see any of you get banned. You guys should make a thread.

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I mean a new top tier jet is coming to britain sooo

Funnily enough and again no shade I only see people say this when the disscussion is about British Air

Let’s talk about the next top tier swedish aircraft also confirmed then

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I vote on Finnish F-18 :)


We’ve talked her to death already tbf, but im am super super excited for the Gripen

Grippen with amraam or skyflashes back to britain


YES I need right now

I want a Finnish F18 so bad

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I made a thread for the new British air suggestions.


I will take a look :)

Yeah. I really want them to get a new top tier aircraft, but no single nation, or type of vehicle in a nation has been so broadly discussed than this future British top tier plane.

I love the discussion, but it’s such a HUGGGEEE topic at this point you all really should migrate at this point.

Gripen, as that was confirmed this year, and there’s only one update left.

Doubt they get it along with the gripen

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