Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

oh yes, that would make it possible to throw flares when Heatseekers come and Chaff in all other situations

That is what we need for many jets not just the IDS. to get accurate CM counts. Should have been a priority years ago.

with 1200 chaff i would just have them as constant release the whole time

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btw. I don’t know if the german one could use BOL pods, It’s just too modern for my interest

Makeshift ECM, perfect

yes, or release like 50 at a time

Its possible. They might decide that a Tornado IDS = Tornado IDS. Just because a Gr1 tested doesnt necessarily mean the others couldnt.

but either way, they just need to fix the CM count. I dont get why they didnt just double the CM count and lock it to mixed only. So 56 flares and 56 chaff. Would be a reasonable compromise I think

BOL rails you mean?, the german tornado had pods with MAWS as well if you are intrested and those can be equipped with equal amount of flares and chaff total of 390 countermeasures

Maybe… Im still undecided about that. Id just hope we do get some british airframes too ASAP if that was the case. I do genuinely want the FA2


but sadly they don’t say IDS = IDS, otherwise the german ASSTA would’ve gotten Komoran too

Tbh they might have skipped the Kormorans on the ASSTA because there is pretty much no use for them currently

Gr1 could get the Gr1B upgrade package and get Sea Eagles (ASMs) I dont quite understand why they’ve not done that yet. Just be a straight C&P of the radar from the MFG

the better example would have been the PGM missles, but komoran currently is just gimmicky feature of the MFG


I don’t get it either

honestly I don’t think they added the komorans to introduce a new weapons system but rather to have a good selling event plane while they had no further plans to add AShMs

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Yeah, it was. Still a shame though. even a niche weapon system is nice to have sometimes. Especially for the SB community that do have a need/use for them

Ah man, now I’m sad about the lack of naval maps and carriers in high tier ARB again

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I still hope for a Missile update like the ome we got a long while ago which introduced Uncle tom, Triplex and Red angel but for AShMs like Sea eagle and Komoran

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God I wish britain had actually put Red Angels on the Buccaneers

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yea I wish they used these 3 rockety bois on more airframes

I really like them

although I haven’t used the Triplex in ground RB yet


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