Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

What i do not get is why people need that 12.3/12.0 to call sth. top tier.
If there is nothing there to add or jusylt not by the way Gaijin goes about things a gap of 1.0 Br should be acceptable right?

it is at all other ranks

every rank 7 currently counts as top tier, but in case of sweden and britain a high br top tier is needed

I dunno how others define it, but 11.3 definitely is top tier to me, since you get uptiered to 12.0 and 12.3 for the majority of your matches.
The actual problem here isn’t that britain doesn’t have a 12.0 or 12.3, it’s that most people don’t vibe with the Tornado and Harrier GR.7, while the Spey Phantoms are also lacking when it comes to top tier gameplay

Take a Mig-23MLD or F-4 and try to fight F-16s and Mig-29s all the time.

That’s the problem. The Tornado F3 constantly fights uptiers. in SB it can ONLY see uptiers. Thats the problem. if an 11.3 could reliably fight 12.3s then the BR system clearly would be broken and pointless. If A Tornado F3 could literally never see anything higher than 11.7. then it would be fine. But that simply isnt how the game works

I remember when the AJS37 was 11.3

had a terrible time

its a brick i can’t vibe with a brick

why noot :( I like my MFG tornado

Me like brick tho

I like the Tornado IDS’s just wish they were a little more finished, but for the most part. I like them. Its the ADVs that are the problem and only because there were so late. If they were added anytime between the Mig-23MLD and the F-14A. Theyd have been a great addiiton. But they should have been replaced in the update we got them, not added in that update

yea the IDS tornados feel like a Placeholder, the MFG one is more finished at least

the MFG has the benefit of not meeting top tier aircraft as much

Just passing on an American greeting lol.

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and at least has some Ground radar

even if it only sees ships

whilst I want all the bells and whistles that made them in their time, the best interdicator in the world. I’d just settle for a little more CMs. Its been confirmed that the Gr1 at least could take BOL rails. That would do short-term

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you’re not American have a nice day anyway. Now gib grippy boi.


idk man, 1200 Chaff and 57 Flares would be nice to have

Grippy grip grip C


You know what would be even nicer to have?

Seperate flare and chaff release controls.


Gr1 should now be 216 flares and 1360 chaff :P