Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Such a weird name for a rocket.

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probably to joke about the american Tiny tim

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which also is a weird name

The phrase “uncle tom” has a bit more extracurricular context to it tho

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I don’t see what’s weird about it. Its a joke, the big rocket is called tiny.

I meant Uncle tom

Bro thats a F-16DG/DJ Block 40, am specifically saying that the F-16D (D!!!) Block 30 and 40 could not carry amraams the F-16D is older than the DG thoo, the DG/DJ was upgraded to carry amraams.

well, in this scenario germany could have gotten an spanish f18a and later on the swiss f18c once amraams arrives

Maybe we can just get an update focusing on giving minor nations workable ifvs cough




There are so many update themes I wish they would go for instead of the predicted BVRAAM introduction

Some of my ideas
  • LCAs and Advanced Trainers
  • IFVs and APCs
  • Niche tanks (Flame tanks, ATGM/SAM carriers, self propelled MLRS, etc)
  • Optional modifications and attachments (ammo trailers, alternative tracks, camo nets, mortars, etc)
  • EW planes, ECM and countermeasure improvements
  • Naval maps and carriers for ARB alongside more AShMs
  • Proper Air and Ground EC
  • Strategic Bombers
  • Early missiles and guided bombs
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but f15 BVR monster is money printer so#


Funny AMRAAM go wheeeeeeeeee

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I dread the premiums they add this update

@gromvoiny I know you’ve said you only go here when pinged, so will the next major update have small, medium, or large number of premiums?

So, guys, we are 7 days from a supposed comprehensive announcement… (end of Nov)

Look forward to our comprehensive announcement this November. Stay tuned!
Source: Dagor Engine gone Open Source - Gaijin Entertainment

Just 7 days… as i said previously in this thread, im still thinking Dagor 7. Can anyone put up ideas what else it could be?

Here is my reasoning why i think Dagor 7:

  1. The original post is about Dagor going open source - engine related
  2. We havent gotten a new major Dagor version since New Power, from over 3 years ago.
    Before New Power, we used to get new major Dagor update every about 2 years or so… now its a big
  3. The engine upgrade could add substantial features, since what the game is currently limited by, is
    the map sizes for maps, which is “only” 128km by 128km. An expansion to this limit would
    substantially increase “breathing room” for top tier Air Sim, and add possible new features, such as
    medium range SAMs, (30-80km) and longer range weapons.

Maybe they finally make the crew models look less ass, actually now that I’ve thought of it maybe they finally figured out a way to make regenerative steering (plz snail) oh and fix automatic and CVT transmissions like the CVRT tanks and the Type 10s


^^basically what im hoping for

they have the tech already look at enlisted its just modelling would take a long time. and i will sooner believe gaijin is turning warthunder into a hentai game before regenerative steering is added

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Man just Imagining Type 10s out accelerating Type 90s which it self is a fast tank makes me really want them to model that CVT. Type 10 would be one speedy boi


Wait this could line up to what Smin said about the SAAF aircraft answer as he pointed out that it was a year old and plans could change. Could they be updating the engine so they can handle more lines and other things ? - Me thinking out loud