Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

What a coincidence… I was just listing to:-


Looked like a german Type VII

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100% gonna be the overviewed Uboot.

TVII was datamined for an event.

Interesting so if wiki is right 32km/h surfaced and 14km/h submerged, 5 torp tubes 4 bow 1 stern and 14 torps.

Yes that’s an awesome mod from him. He made alot of cool vehicles.


17 knots surfaced, 7 submerged, in real units. A good reason some people don’t want to see them in-game.

The T-95 Doom turtle does 15kmh tops in RB and it’s still in game and people love to play it just like the po-2 which is also super slow.

Pfff, rookies numbers ! x)

Sad Gaijin goes with the usual uboot and don’t bring an original event with some more monstrous subs.

And also just to sum this argument up. Just because some people don’t want X vehicle or X feature ingame doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be implemented. I personally don’t play the french ships but still some people were looking forward to them. Doesn’t mean I should say they shouldn’t be added. Just because submarines get added doesn’t mean you have to play them.
This isn’t the right place to discuss this though. Sorry for the offtopic but this really upsets me.


This composer is more suitable for this event:


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bro what the hell are you smoking, rank 9?! if we got rank 8 last year man, fox-3 are coming really soon mate stop thinking about rank 9 it doesnt make anysense right now, Fox-3 are going to come in december and thats a fact.


Dunno if I’d go so far as to call Fox-3s in december a fact when there hasn’t been any official announcement

only jas39 confirmed this year
fox 3 just confirmed one of the future game updates.

If it’s Gripen C then that’s Fox 3 only. So there is second hand confirmation at least.

Though may not be Gripen C for certain

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Yeah, but placeholder armaments or even top tier fighters with just IR missiles aren’t anything unusual at this point

If not Gripen C then what?

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Gripen A, the far more sensible option

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Yeah, though if there was no plan for Fox 3 soon, then their decision for BVR on the J8F feels kinda random. If placeholder BVRs were on option, then surely that could have gotten PL11.

IR only is possible, but tricky with the current top tier aircraft

Maybe A with Skyflash, but I’d fear that would be only be a small step up from Viggen