Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)



And that the Gripen C is faster than the F/A-18A by about 200 so gaijin could limit the last two hard points.
So it will be slightly worse than the Gripen.

Flying boat as event reward?

Looks like a regular PBY 🤷‍♀️

I think the only reward is a loading screen which is sad really as you could of had a sub as a reward

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Submarines guy’s im loosing it. Finally

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They can’t add a sub as a reward if we don’t have subs

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It’s just an event, for now

That would be so epic.

“The full details surrounding this event will be revealed tomorrow!”


And an avatar, and decorations.

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Oh bummer but still awesome. I know some people don’t want submarines. But alot still want them. Since they were adding naval I wanted to them.

It’s just the Type VII subs vs. Fletchers event Olivia leaked.


I wouldnt mind seeing them and considering this is the second submarine event gaijin might very well be hinting at a future submarine update
We can only speculate about them ever being added, however

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Ahhhh! Sweet event!
I decided to ride the G-5 today. because it looks like a submarine XD


If the submarine would be an event reward I would Golden eagle it immediately. Even for 20k Goldeneagles

I used to do that as well hahahaha. There is even a mod for it to become an actual submarine.

I’m so excited. Actually unbelievable cool.

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I really love Polaska U-216 Mod…
Almost a year after that Mod was posted, the U-boat finally came as an event ))))


Do you know which U boat was shown in the teaser?