Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Gripen could come without ARH, I don’t think AMRAAM was confirmed for this year anywhere.

I think if they added new jets with AMRAAM for everyone like they said they would implement them they would have to be at 13.0

If they added 13.0 right now it would mess up the ground matchmaker I think.


Yea we just have to see how it goes I’m not an top tier export with the rules so that why I asked Smin.
Regarding the rank per advanced missile thing

This was never said. We have jets at lower ranks with AIM-9L. It’s to do with BR and technology of the aircraft.


I just want consistent rules >:(

And seriously we can’t remove our liked now ?

Whoops! I thought I said that in another thread lmao, my bad

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I think most of the community wants F18 Super Hornet to be added

what would it bring opposed to f16c or later blocks?

Besides a better airframe, it continues the path from the F-14 rather than being locked into just F-16’s. It also has more rails for suspended armament.

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Gaijin owns modern warships now?

Oh yeah, so when can we expect crates??

Not happening. Closest we’ll get is the boxes with camos and needing keys.

They didn’t mention a min BR for BVRAAMs afaik and yeah, they aren’t really confirmed either, just mentioned to be planned
You are however right that they are going to be added to everyone at the same time

About 13.0 or 12.7 being rather unrealistic due to the top rank in ground being 11.7, yeah, it would make a lot more sense if the next update is ground focussed rather than advancing air even further

Gaijin is just the publisher for the pc port of modern worships


If that was the case Gripen could’ve been added in Apex Predators with only AIM-9Ls. Just like F-16A Block 10.

AIM-120B wouldn’t be better than what we already have in game. Kinematically it would be on par or even slightly worse in range than AIM-7M. The only game-changer would be F&F capability on a nimble radar missile.

And Gripen C could take only six A2A missiles total so x2 AIM-9L (RB74) + x4 AIM-120B (RB99). Nothing too advanced really.


It could have been the case that the Gripen either wasn’t ready or Gaijin legitimately thought the Viggen would be good enough for the 12.0 gameplay

So how many hard points does the F/A-18 has ?

What does the F/A-18 have to do with the Gripen Cs ordnance?

Jes can’t I ask a simple question ?

  • F/A-18A (not AMRAAM capable) - up to 8 missiles total. Up to 6 AIM-7 and up to 6 AIM-9.
  • F/A-18C (AMRAAM capable) - up to 12 missiles total (with double launchers). Up to 10 AIM-120 and up to 10 AIM-9. (Without double launchers it takes the same total load as F-18A)

F/A-18E can take 2 more missiles than legacy Hornet (AIM-7 / AIM-9 / AIM-120).

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