Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Ah i see my bad

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Uk doesnt have a gab that the SG fills and switzerland isnt a french colony

okay? i already knew switzerland wasn’t a colony but thanks

i just wanted to show that neither thing you said fits to the 2 mentioned vehicles, and belgium and netherlands have close enough ties that would warrant them being sub trees to those countries

It’s literally Strv 122 Evolution to my knowledge. Just under a different name.

I’m not well versed in western planes, did an earlier version of the F-15 ever have ejection handles above the headrest? That would be one thing to confirm just in case.

I am sorry but your comment makes 0 sence, precisely because Germany lacks many possible additions Gaijin should pace themselves with them.

Why Germany which already has THE best top warship and then one of the best BBs in game and has small pool of BBs to pull from needs the new BB now when most others are still not caught up despite having many options to pull from.

Also the Sachsen isn’t the best adition for Germany (even though it is better then Baden) there is a lot of possible battlecruisers the Moltke, Seydlitz, Derfflinger, Hindenburg or even Mackensen classes. Which would expand the gameplay of German NF much more then essentially Bayern clone.

I looked at every F-15s ejection seat i could find and none seem to have the ejection handles above the pilot’s head.

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Calling it now. AMRAAMs, Gripen, F-18, SU-27, Rank 8 ground.

Idk why but im not expecting fox 3s 🤷‍♀️

AMRAAM, Gripen, a new British fighter and rank 8 are more or less confirmed for this update.
I don’t know about another two set of US and Russia straight after the C and the SMT.

But I did do a thing though

Even if we don’t. Dec will be wild.

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I can agree with that

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cries in f4f ice


Only reason I say f18 is because we have proof they are working on it.

If we get the F/A-18 and the Gripen in same patch. “If I speak ill be in big big trouble”

Precisely, I’ve been saying this since Sachsen was announced. Giving Germany a 3rd 6.7/7.0 to hold them over for however long it takes to add Bismarck/Gneisenau with the twin 15s is okay, but they didn’t need to add an incomplete hull when there are so many other options. König, for example, is still missing and would’ve been a fine addition right before Bayern at 6.7.

But Germany doesn’t need it right now, they should’ve waited until 2030-something when they eventually figure out they can add newer battleships to the game and given Germany Baden then to tide them over until Bismarck. Meaning they could’ve given France a battleship this update instead since we have 0 top tier ships so far.


I see an Ice Cream Truck…


Where ?

kids, dont take ice cream from strangers

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