Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

If NL is to be implemented to one research location, it 's my opinion that this will be the deciding factor - unlike their air and ground trees, it 's this techtree section where they have options for mostly unique vehicles from bottom to top. It seems more likely at this stage that they would become a subtree bc of that, but the capability gaps they could fill if used as such are applicable to a few nations - none more likely than another at this point.

What, the radar ID warning in the new RWR 's ? That 's there bc the AV-8B+ uses the same, more likely a realism thing than actually pointing towards the plane coming soon.

Unlikely we’ll ever see that one, since we’ve already had her model in the files - w/ the triple 283mm 's same as Scharnhorst:
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Well, that’s unfortunate. Germany can only get two ships built after WW1 with 15-inch guns.


as usual forum members digging deeper than mariana trench


Oh my God. They put a gun on an armored civilian vehicle.


UK ship? You mean the premium?

I have seen very very very few people demanding the Leopard 2SG, in fact, the only mention i’ve seen of it was intended to reflect the fact that Germany got a Swiss Hunter, which is as of now the best Hunter in the game.

I agree with the premise of your statement though, i’d like to see trees kept largely unique although some overall to fill gaps I think is just better for the game.

nooo it’s not a technical it’s a glorious purpose-built ground interceptor with retractable turret!!! :((

Italian harrier. On RWRs it shows up as f18

It is more evidence than anything else in this thread.

Cuz it has F18 radar. I do not think it is a proof they are working on it. Rather it is just a thing they will not have to work on while adding it, due to it already being here.


Well gaijin share it assets over it’s games and platforms. So in war thunder terms no they haven’t done a F/A-18 but gaijin terms yes they have.


Give now right now holy, I never knew I needed one more in my life until this moment

Take a look at the CRAB if you like that :p

I want weaponized vehicles like this so bad, Humvees with funny weapons anything I want Technicals with DshKas everything

OH the CRAB! This thing is very similar to the EBLC(CL) Bis in Battlefield 2042! (If not the same thing)

It’s the same, as well as the EBRC jaguar also in bf2042 (didnt played so dont know the name)

Anyway i stop off topic there ^^

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Because you keep going off topic.


Dont worry we’re all catching up

And tbf to Death he hasnt been in here lately since the Off Topic thread.


Like how ? all I’ve done was on topic thing this time ?

Ive even started getting Flags as well.