Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Yeah, it was. Still a shame though. even a niche weapon system is nice to have sometimes. Especially for the SB community that do have a need/use for them

Ah man, now I’m sad about the lack of naval maps and carriers in high tier ARB again

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I still hope for a Missile update like the ome we got a long while ago which introduced Uncle tom, Triplex and Red angel but for AShMs like Sea eagle and Komoran

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God I wish britain had actually put Red Angels on the Buccaneers

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yea I wish they used these 3 rockety bois on more airframes

I really like them

although I haven’t used the Triplex in ground RB yet


Support the theme with an asset

@someweirdname How do you like the theme?

Such a weird name for a rocket.

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probably to joke about the american Tiny tim

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which also is a weird name

The phrase “uncle tom” has a bit more extracurricular context to it tho

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I don’t see what’s weird about it. Its a joke, the big rocket is called tiny.

I meant Uncle tom

Bro thats a F-16DG/DJ Block 40, am specifically saying that the F-16D (D!!!) Block 30 and 40 could not carry amraams the F-16D is older than the DG thoo, the DG/DJ was upgraded to carry amraams.

well, in this scenario germany could have gotten an spanish f18a and later on the swiss f18c once amraams arrives

Maybe we can just get an update focusing on giving minor nations workable ifvs cough




There are so many update themes I wish they would go for instead of the predicted BVRAAM introduction

Some of my ideas
  • LCAs and Advanced Trainers
  • IFVs and APCs
  • Niche tanks (Flame tanks, ATGM/SAM carriers, self propelled MLRS, etc)
  • Optional modifications and attachments (ammo trailers, alternative tracks, camo nets, mortars, etc)
  • EW planes, ECM and countermeasure improvements
  • Naval maps and carriers for ARB alongside more AShMs
  • Proper Air and Ground EC
  • Strategic Bombers
  • Early missiles and guided bombs
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but f15 BVR monster is money printer so#


Funny AMRAAM go wheeeeeeeeee

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I dread the premiums they add this update

@gromvoiny I know you’ve said you only go here when pinged, so will the next major update have small, medium, or large number of premiums?