Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Please quote correctly, and this amuses me more and more, every time



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so the only gaps they have are at the very end of their tech tree? I dont really think that justifies a whole sub tree, and at the end of the day if the germans got a dutch F16 there is no way in hell gaijin could then deny a CF18 or Aussie F18. When britain atm is in a worse state then germany for top tier planes, now when it comes to ARH at least britain has the Tornado but just like germany they wont get an actually competitive jet till the Eurofighter.

i wholy support this, uk has this even more necesary

But at that point it’s better to look into other nations that wouldn’t be so capable of sustaining themselves, such as Denmark.

With trialed export vehicles in the tree Germany wouldn’t even need anyone, it just delves into obscure ground.

I would agree if most of the tree wouldn’t just be copy paste I honestly think south africa was the perfect nation to make a sub tree, I would rather they actually just made a common wealth tree (that is separate from the british tree)

New “leak”

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God forbid that people who agree with one another show support…


while i would love to, apparently denmark was claimed as part of the nordic tree of sweden and not available for germany

It wouldn’t be though and that’s the best part, at least on the ground side of things.

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Alpha jet can use MICA?

I could see this since no british addictions lol

Denmark isn’t a sub-tree nor has any vehicles in the Swedish tree at the moment.

thats not new, that was realy like nearly a week ago

in the moment, but i remember them saying if i remember right that it is included there

you forgot to add the part where I said If the germans got a dutch F16 there was no way gaijin could deny the Cf18 or Aussie F18

my bad, akwardly quoted that one , did cut that one of to early

Wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s just a single example.

you done yet or are we still talking bout the Duitschers?

about other minor nations possible one is switzerland and a super hornet for germany, (while i prefer helis it would make the better CAS either way), problem with switzerland is that the french want to fight for switzerland as well

That’s another can of worms we’ve delved into several times, don’t think I need to state my opinion on that solution.