Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)


which was later on confirmed by real gajin stuff as well, and i already said as well that they do get some info because they can acces suggestion / bug reports or it was communicated to them to be allowed to share

Oh you mean the moderator who confirmed it on the old forum

was internetfleet if i remember right

tech mod is player

There are 8 Community Managers on the forum. I’m only one. Who is who and Reporting Procedure


You all going to get bonked and it’s not me this time

Dont worry, you wont be left out ;)


hard to say, we are discussing the viability of the rumours for the enxt update

Moderators do not know what’s coming next update. They do however receive answers from us that they can share to answer questions that are raised a lot. They can sometimes however get lost in translation / deployment however.


hah i knew it xD

that explains it, thanks

still weird that they were told what was coming 3+ updates later

so… maybe jas39 don’t appear in next updoot

I only need to say two words :P

because the whole argu,ent about lacking aircraft for sweden was a hot topic, gajin decided to tell internetfleet to share those information, he propably just was the person available at right this moment and smin or someone similar wasnt present when the decision was made

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You mind find it weird, but it is not. Controlled hype leak or accidential information, it is not that uncommon. And many planes spend months in production. So when you get to know that f 16c is going to be into the game devs were working on it for at least a few months.

nah was talked about and confirmed by official staff as well

I wonder what they are :)?

you dont say

That rude