New Weather in AirRB is bad for gameplay

The new weather means that, depending on how many clouds there are, you can only fly on the ground to have any chance of seeing any opponents. And when there is fog you don’t see anything, no mountains and especially no enemies, which means that even though you’re constantly looking around, someone suddenly appears behind you and shoots them down. The use of IR missiles is also very limited depending on which aircraft you have. Your greatest strength is missiles. Since you neither have the option to fire them nor to climb to the side at medium height and drop yourself onto enemies from there, it becomes extremely difficult to get kills. The cloud cover is usually around 1000m. If you stay below this altitude with an aircraft that only has to rely on its missiles, you will have a very difficult time getting kills because most aircraft that rely on missiles do not have the flight performance to do so straight flight to catch up with other aircraft and shoot the rocket and even if this succeeds, the planes simply disappear into a cloud so that the rocket loses track.


That is why we have RADAR. The weather is a great addition. It has pulled a lot of fights off the deck and into the air where they belong.

Adapt, the new weather is perfect. Not every fight needs to be 10 feet off the ground.


I mostly play at the 8,0 to 9,0 area and there are just a handfull of planes that have radar


So hide in the clouds, the weather is a great addition. Fly over the top of the clouds.


I tried that but most of my gameplay is based on seeing the enemies first so that i can react and shoot a missile or dodge what ever they fire at me but with this weather i’m often not able to identify my enemies until they are very close on my sixt and if that is an su25 good luck doding r60mk in a plane with worse flight performances and no flares

Hate to do this to ya, but Gaijin has a quote for you; “For a good pilot, any weather is acceptable”.


Yeah but that is my problem i’m not a good pilote xD i’m much more playing tank but enyoyed playing in planes as well and with those fog and clouds even if i look often around i can’T spot an enemy and think i’m safe and then boom mig21 from behind


cant even lock most of the time… its so stupido…


Outside of radar, your opponents also have similar issues in regards to weather. You may have to adjust your tactic or strategy to compensate and keep an edge. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you. I will also have to adjust to these changes as well.

True but before this Patch i flew my Ayit as a missile carrier now i have to play it as an very bad gunfighter which is not the playstyle this plane was made for.

To be fair, it as a strike aircraft. It can perform fighter duties if required but isn’t its primary function.

But why do I have then missiles If you often can’t use them and that’s the reason for your br.

On the one hand they forced us to play low cause of the weather on the other hand they buffed the midmap aa so hard that you will geht shot down from several kilometers through the Cloud where you can’t even See them.

we could use a basic attitude indicator on the HUD somewhere


Yeah that would bei really usefull and the Most Planes would have it. But i must be showed in the exterieur Instruments so that you don’t have to go into Cockpitview for it

As the whole thread is dealing with jet game play your advice might be counterproductive as “cloud hiders” can easy approach you in the cloud cover and u get no dot/marker if you fly above the clouds or a cloud layer, he has your dot, contrail and often a marker and you not…

As i play props only i admit that the weather with several cloud layers (not fog) on various altitudes looks sometimes absolutely amazing.

But - the multiple layers have the described disadvantage - and in case there are 7-9/10 clouds at around 2-4 km above ground things get complicated:

  1. Aggressive ground pounders force you on certain maps to go low in order to avoid very fast ticket defeats and you then get jumped out of nowhere.
  2. So you are forced to stay very fast at any time in order to dodge surprise attacks and as soon u get slow and turnfight you get third partied…
  3. If your random team decides to refuse to climb they get killed now even faster than before.
  4. Using teammates as “spotters” and looking for cheap 3rd party kills is and was always the preferred strategy of the usual suspects…
  5. The need to stay fast prevents climbing at optimal speed - so against fighters with air spawn and good climb (like XP-50s and late P-38s) your disadvantage becomes even bigger…
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Enjoy the flying space with your Sabres or Hunters and fighting against MiGs that has really good high altitude performance.

It’s MARVELOUS for ground RB to be honest… Whilst it’s ‘heavy’ it’s actually making it trickier for those to come through and merely get a target without care.

This is probably the worst change to air RB to date, in top tier you now have to choose between eating a random missile in BVR jousts with an enemy you cant see and crshing into a rock/tree that you also cant see.
Situational awareness is now impossible since enemies can be 200m away and still be completely unspotted
Even in props this is incredibly annoying, not only do you have to dogfight with unspotted enemies with no sense of up or down, but you cant possibly find the last few players who are off in space hidden behind multiple clouds


If you think this is a good change ive got a game for you:
(a) guess the map
(b) spot all 16 enemies