New version of Tunisia looks quite ugly/boring/bland

Making the map smaller of course is one thing but removing a entire mountain that was one of the more nice parts of it and flattening the map completely is just making the map boring and bland.

I just want my mountain back


The small version is better than it used to be, but the big version is just bad. There are very few terrain features and places to get cover.


It got the flattening treatment despite the criticism it received in the dev server, I’m so sick of the map changes with little to no reasoning given behind them.


Because there is no accountability, no one to answer for it, no one to justify it, no one to explain it, they’re not even on these forums so all our complaints are pointless.


Well I feel like it won’t go unnoticed forever, the community has to come together once again to demand more transparency regarding map changes.

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Yeah. That was the only route I used to take, because it was better than the D-Day style race to the cap / sniping for the whole game on the left side and the right side of the map is identical to normal Tunisia, except you can get sniped easily from spawn to spawn.

Demand it from who though, there is no one here with any sort of power or influence.

This is my sentiment as well. These maps have been fine for 8+ years without much, if any, modification. How can they possibly justify changing them so drastically now? They took a good map and made it worse. Dev time that could have been used to fix actual issues (e.g. wonky volumetric pen., awful map rotation, bugs being reintroduced constantly, etc.) are being wasted changing things that have no business being changed. And why? So, they can pad change/bugfix logs to make it look like the game is improving?


The best solution is if every just refuses to play. If you get this map just quit in the lobby. Refuse to play. Send a message

Also if you have a premium account, ban the map or dislike it

the game is changing to fulfill new unskilled players skill level. A mountain is a cover for air stuff, removed so the spaa can check radar, lock and shoot. The high terrain with rocks is an advantage, removed because level 5 with premium have no clue where to go and from where they can be shotted

They must undertand that removing every cover possible from all maps is not making the games more intresting, I sucpect that it is only good for them as the matches are finishing quickly and more tanks are getting damaged, so more repair fees ?

I kind of like the change. There are more options around the bridge point.

They should revert the Sands of Sinai change though. That change destroyed the map.


Old Tunisia was just a massive camp fest at the west and city brawl in the east. Now there is less cover on both sides in the west so less camping.

I still haven’t had the large version since the update so no idea how it turned out. It was in my eyes the second worst map after Pradesh so I was happy they worked on it. That being said it’s not beyond Gaijin to have made it worse I’ll agree.

Small Tunisia I think is okay, I enjoyed it before already but I think it’s more open now, left side looks more interesting but I’ll need more playtime to fully form an opinion… I also like that they updated the minimap, something they should work on for other maps, quality varies wildly.

The large version was quite good I thought. It offered a different experience than most War Thunder maps- like an actually fun version of Pradesh/Red Desert.

Personally, I think it needed a rework, but the rework wasn’t executed well. It wasn’t good gameplay to dive for 15 seconds and shoot at someone who just left spawn (for some reason this was praised bc “muh long range fighting”), so something needed to be changed.

However, Gaijin reworked it badly, a map can’t get better by making it flatter and more open.

That’s what I enjoyed about it as well. The map was balanced and different from the rest of the line-up. We already have enough cookie-cutter maps like Test Site/Seversk-13/Sweden or Eastern Europe/North Holland which get boring and repetitive…and exacerbated by the game which decides to lock you into them for a week (often months, and sometimes longer).

Stop messing with the maps and fix things that are actually broken!

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But you weren’t force to play into the long range aspect. You could just play the middle/sea side.

In fact, the map reduced spawncamping significantly at higher tiers because you cant traverse the distance in 5 seconds like you can on every other map.

To be fair, a lot of the maps are broken (blatant imbalance, spawns vulnerable from a mile away not to mention some weird collisions, physics, wooden poles that stop shells while multiple concrete walls don’t and so on…) so I’m glad they’re getting a bit of a rework but map design in War Thunder is one of the weaker point of the company IMO.

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