New tech tree?

Warthunder really needs to add a new tech tree. The current warthunder updates have been quite mid. Every single update we get more and more modern vehicles and I am tired of it. A new tech tree would add a whole new fleet of WWII and Cold War vehicles. Good tech trees for this are Yugoslavia or Spain, that produced a lot of WWII, inter war, and Cold War tanks. Honestly, Poland and yogolavia as one tech tree would be epic ngl


This would probably increase the time required for new vehicles to be added for existing nations if they are just gonna att a new tree with a lot of copy paste i’m guessing, since their attention is gonna be spread out more

Yeah the updates been kinda meh lately because of 2 major updates just adding Hungary to Italy which was like 11 ground vehicles with 6 of them being copy paste
And now we are looking at the air tree which is fully copy paste for the moment
Before that you had stuff like French Navy which is good for the people who enjoy Naval but I doubt that’s the majority of players

I’m all up for new nations but i don’t think it would solve this issue specifically
What you really need is a Major Update that’s specifically aimed at those WW2 and Cold War vehicles

You don’t need new nations to implement new indgenious vehicles, currently represented nations still have plenty of stuff to add including WW2 and Cold War era vehicles. Although Gaijin is trying to earn as much as possible with low investments, that’s why we often see C&P and reused models.
I’m not against new tech trees, but imo subtrees are much better, since most of new TTs will have gameplay issues with gaps/small lineups, which will lower popularity and hence the attention from Gaijin, making just other “outsider” or “minor” TTs. On the other hand subtrees should be made at better quality compared to what Gaijin does, for example Hungarian line could be much better if it had more effort put into ingenious designs, including Romanian additions, as most of suggestions had.