New sounds

Hello all, cant hear the tanks anymore in low-med BRs, the sounds of planes its too loud and drown out everything else, plus the guns sounds are meh. Anyone with this problem? Because until yesterday the game sound worked fine to me.

The speed of sound seems to be corrupted again.
In the Navy, the sound of a shell hitting an enemy can be heard instantly.

I like the new sounds for the most part but for some reason ATGMs sound like jets flying by and this has been bugging me, it’s confusing and the older sound was more crisp and distinct

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I’m not thrilled on these new sounds. It also seems like you hear nearby shells that hit rocks as if they hit your tank, that deep clang. Strange.

Maybe this, played some battles and without the sound speed works better.

EDIT: nop, the planes still too loud, can´t hear anything with planes over me. Work horrid for me this “new sound”. :(

Thats the only good sound change. 30mm on the pansir sound out of sync and too low to match fire rate.