New Radar Missiles(Mica, Derby, AIM-120, R-Darter, R-77)

what are your thoughts on the new radar missiles being added on april…

Clearly, all missiles data is chaos, I have little information about MICA so I will not talk about it.
Problem is, R-77 and PL-12’s ∆V get’s nerfed, and also get strange air resistance. While AIM-120A performs like a AIM-120C, with super thrust power and very low air resistance.
Both R-77 and PL-12 should evenly matched with early AIM-120C. Gaijin should fix the data, and provide American plane with early AIM-120C, not a overpowered AIM-120A.
Or give US TT aim-120A, and give USSR and China something worse to replace R-77 and PL-12.

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Next patch is most likely end of May or early June, not April.

The 120A is worse than the R-77 if you compare the datamined stats from the dev server. PL-12 is the worst ARH though, you’re correct there.

I would love to see your source for this.

I don’t think Russia/China produced an earlier ARH, they were too far behind technologically, hence why they kept upgrading SARHs like the R-27.

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MICA is going to be so overpowered if it comes at the same time as the others.

The information I received is R77 get a strange buff that it has an extremely long range, the AIM120As’ performance more like AIM120C, the best FOX3 in short range is MICA, the PL12 has a very bad performace, make it more like SD10 but not the PL12 or SD10A, both of AIM120A or PL12 has a problem that they will do spining as they approach the target, that make them lost many energy, but i dont know much about R-Darter or Derby


Bruh what? Aim120 oscillates so badly it cant even reliably hit a straight line target at 20km. None of the missiles are even close to finished. Every time I see this I’m wondering if we’re even playing the same game.

He’s wrong on the early AIM-120C part, but the R-77’s equivalent is the AIM-120C-5 going off of each of their seeker ranges, maximum ranges (the R-77 can reach at least 100km if manually lofted), maximum velocity, etc. The R-77 is actually still better since it has more maneuverability than the AIM-120C-5, which supposedly has less maneuverability than the base AIM-120A/B. I don’t know much about the PL-12, but I thought it was more on par with AIM-120C-7 or later.

I know this problem, but I’m mainly discuss the speed problem.

From a artcle about It’s designer, saying that PL-12(early)/SD-10 has a ∆V of 3 Ma, and PL-12(late)/SD-10A is 4 Ma. The AIM-120C here is C5 I guess. SD-10A is 18kg heavier than SD-10, almost all additional fuel.

So, early PL-12/SD-10 can do, but I do not know what can USSR have.
so better to use early AIM-120C as equal to R-77 and PL-12.

I’m not sure what you’re basing that on. Given it lists the A and B before that and everything under the C5 is kinematically the same or even slightly worse due to the clipped fins, would it not be more reasonable to assume its a C<5?

During the test, both the enemy aircraft and our aircraft flew at an altitude of 6,000 meters, Mach 1, and launched missiles head-on.
The “hit speed” on the right refers to the speed of the missile at the moment before it hits the target. It is represented by a solid line. The higher the better.
The “hit time” on the left refers to the time it takes for the missile to reach the target from launch, represented by a dotted line. The lower the better.
The horizontal axis is the distance of the enemy aircraft when the missile is launched. I tested 50km, 40km, 30km, and 20km.

At present, the best missile is the AIM-120A (blue). It has the shortest flight time, the fastest speed, and good maneuverability. The seeker starts at 20 kilometers.

Then there are R-77 (red) and PL-12 (yellow). When fired at close range, R-77 is much more flexible than PL-12. In BVR situations they are relatively similar. Their flight time is similar, and the R-77’s terminal speed is 0.1-0.2 Mach slower. However, the R-77’s control surface data is the best (significantly better than the PL-12), so their terminal maneuverability performance should be similar. The PL-12 seeker in the game is the worst among all active missiles, and it is difficult to say that it has any advantages over the R-77.

The mica (purple) and derby (green) are smaller missiles. mica has TVC, so theoretically it is strongest in close combat. However, due to flight control problems, the missile will start to shake when the speed is relatively fast (the overload caused by the shaking may exceed 10G), which will quickly waste the speed of the missile. Because of its small resistance and rapid speed increase, MICA is as deadly as the larger missiles in front of it within 50 kilometers. It is hard to imagine how powerful it will be after the bug is fixed.

Derby is similar to mica, but has greater resistance. In the game, the derby uses a very high trajectory to make up for the range loss caused by resistance, but in the case of long-distance shooting, the derby is still much slower than other missiles.

The R-27ER (black) has a dynamic advantage over these active missiles. It may fly 5 seconds or more earlier than these active missiles, but it requires the player to illuminate the target until the missile impacts.


PL-12 has bigger fin to ensure mobility, so larger resistance. maybe kinematically similar, little worse in distance.

I’m not sure which version of AMRAAM started using smokeless motor, but where is smokeless motor for AMRAAM?

As a die hard sweden main isnt the gripen supposed to get aim-120’s, cause reading the replies it doesn’t look like r-darters(derbys) are even that good.

They do have shorter range but the Gripen thats getting them is from SAAF which did use R darter but only ever cleared it on the Gripen

damn that was a fast response, thanks, but do any of the gripen variants get aim-120’s hopefully the c or d variant

and im pretty sure the gripen e or gripen+ gets aim9x

It should be compatible but for the Swedish ones it would get AMRAAMS then IRIS-T then with the Gripen E meator

oh ye meteors are better than 9x’s right

Meator is an ARH like AMRAAM and it better then it

IRIS-T that later Gripens use is better then 9X if they are compare block of course