New premium plane for UK?

I would like to ask if a new top tier premium aircraft is being considered for the UK. The current F-4 and Harrier are two flying tragedies. Unfortunately I have a Harrier, but I can’t really play with it and I’d rather flush my money down the drain than buy F-4 Junk.

I do see the South African Cheetah as a possible one.


The 3 aircraft that I think are somewhat likely for Britain to get in that department at some point this year are:

  • Harrier Gr5 - Harrier II but with 9Ls. Would make an ideal premium 11.3 to be on par with Su-39
  • BAE Hawk - Could fill a range of BRs depending on exact variant and loadout
  • Sea Harrier FRS51 - 12.3 ARH carrier

(Saudi Arabian Tornado Gr1 is also possible, would be a good SL printer, but wouldn’t add much)

As for CW, quite a few options I think

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I’m not really excited about the Harrier, I’d rather have a premium Tornado in a fighter version, but Cheetah would be OK for me.

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Would rather have a premium Tiger 1.

ah yea the tiger plane

PLEASE! I want this so bad

Premium 109

I agree with that. Rather have the Cheetah than the F-4Junk.

Let’s say gaijin add AIM-9L on F-4J Phantom F.3 this year. I guess F-4J (UK) move to rank VIII and change at 11.7 BR.

I assume early premium pre-order pack aircraft would be 12.0 BR in rank VIII

The F-4S/J (I don’t remember the designation) isn’t bad, it gets a radar gunsight, a high cyclic rate gun, and AIM-7 (DF)’s, it also gets a few other decent things, I believe like AIM-9L’s, and a some CAS ordinance. Decent top speed, and good acceleration.

Obviously I haven’t played it, but have played against it and test driven it, it’s not too bad imo.

F4-J(UK) you mean?

It has 9Gs not 9Ls.

It’s CAS option is just a load of 1000lb bombs

It’s a FGR2, with worse engine, worse RWR and less CMs. But in all other respects it’s identical to the TT airframes. Unlike the US version of the aircraft, it doesn’t get slats. Which means it has significantly worse handling than the US version.

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I thought it had mavericks, guess not, maybe I was thinking of the Harrier.

FGR2 could have AGM-12 Bullpups. I don’t know about the F3

Actually, I was thinking of the Kurnass

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New premium for what exactly? To grind the UK air TT quicky? Cuz the F-4J (UK) can do just that fairly well.

yes… it is. It’s the same BR as the objectively better FG.1/FGR.2 which both are also not good aircraft at 11.3.

and??? this is like saying my car can go 40kph and can steer

no…it doesn’t. no 9Ls

no, only unguided weapons which are only good for base bombing in air RB or sim

lower than most 11.3s

fuck no, please actually read about the aircraft you are talking about. It is a normal J-79 phantom

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No, it’s no where close.

It outpaces my AJ37 viggen off the runway, untill I eventually catch up, so…

Already stated I was thinking of the Kurnass, might want to scroll and bit and see later posts before jumping to conclusions.

It gets a pretty decent radar, radar gun sights, a high cyclic rate gun (both already stated), and four DF missiles, and a decent accel, loads of CM’s, and okay maneuverability.

If you don’t know what cyclic rate is, just tell me, I can explain it pretty easily.

Yeah, it is, because you listed very mundane and ordinary traits. None of that is particularly important or noteworthy.

So… in this very specific STANDSTILL launch scenario it has the advantage… wow… what is a power/thrust curve in an engine btw? also, what is drag? ALSO, what is a single comparison between two planes that completely disregards all other comparisons?

standard for the BR

not super relevant, many people don’t even sue these due to how inaccurate and pointless they are in a dogfight.

not a huge upside to point out

same as any other phantom of which this one is far worse overall

one of the worst accels of any phantom in game, only “beat” by F-4C iirc. Let me repeat, F-4JU(N)K is a STANDARD J-79 phantom with no engine upgrades, NO drag upgrades, and no weight reductions.

average amount of CMs

shitty agility you mean? refer to my previous comment about it being a standard J-79 phantom with zero upgrades