New players thoughts

First of all, whats the point of battle rating if I am being placed in full uptier battles 9/10 games?

If I see full uptier, which is basically every single game I just quit right at the start, or I tell the team I will quit after a single death.

I love driving 5 min to the front line in my ww2 tank just to get killed instantly by atgm or heat shell from a cold war tank, while bouncing him in the side.

So yeah, this is my rant. I will continue to quit right at the start when I see constant uptier battles.


It may sound strange to you, but I rarely if ever notice being uptiered. I used to play World of Tanks and being uptiered there was really hurtful, but not so in War Thunder. How many good wins have you missed out on by early quitting? How much experience and skill have you failed to gain by early quitting? If you continue like this, you will always remain a “new player” and never quite happy.


You must know that Uptiers is always something you’ll have,… because only 4 players can be downtiered in the matchmaking rules.(out of 16)

So you’ll find yourself set in 75% of uptier (overall number).

If you quit those rounds, you’ll never have fun playing this game.


Why post under “general discussions” if all you talk about is ground forces?

We have sections for gamemode specific topics, use them.

Your post isn’t universally true for WT… So it doesn’t belong in the universal/general section.

Or at the bare minimum tag it as “ground battles”

Due to team matchmaking algorithms hard-limiting any team to 4 max-BR units, this means that outside top tier, we all have a statistical 75% uptier rate. Black holes then further modify this. If you see more than 4 top tier machines in a top tier MBT game, the matchmaker is simply making a match 0.3/0.4 higher than the current max BR to sidestep its own rules.

This applies to every single game mode.

We all could have less uptiers if that 4-man limit were to be removed, but could all the people who complain about uptiers stomach the thought of, for example, being the only Tiger 1E on your team running into a full enemy team of the stacked US 6.7 deck? I personally could tolerate such possibilities, but I am very much not the average player, I actually build lineups, and I know when to spawn a serious vehicle and when not to. When a match is clearly not worth caring about I spawn the Sturmpanzer II or another low-BR derp artillery piece to soak the uptier and spare myself the repair cost.

he made the post in the correct place, the battle rating is bad in the sky, on earth, and at sea

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No he did not.

Since he is complaining specifically about the MM uptiering him.

This can not happen across the board. Since there are modes that either do not have a random matchmaker or have fixed lineups. So being low tier or top tier is solely up to the player.

So no it isn’t a general problem.

Being 0.3 below top in a match not an uptier, it’s a partial downtier.

The glass is not “one-quarter empty”, it’s three-quarters full.


as someone else who moved over from the hellscape that is WoT I have to agree that uptiers in WT are nothing in comparison

So many defeatists these days…

Stick around when facing adversity and you might just learn something.


Agree… or maybe create a lineup and play the BR where you’re confident also with uptiers…

Uptiers are a constant in this game, in any game mode as I see… So you must learn in some way how to deal with this fact.

Lear what you can do, and when, with the machine ( thank, plane or ship) are you playing on.

Imho this is the hardest thing to learn, and it’s double binded to experience and luck

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I am no stranger to WOT, I have over 20k in it and I know how bad that game is. I thought maybe WT would be different, its not, just because there is no 25% rng on accuracy doesnt mean this game doesnt have toxic MM.

I drive to the front line, get killed by a tank that is waiting for me, killing me instantly. I spawn again, I get killed instantly again barely making it out of the spawn. Return to garage.

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Firstly do yourself a favour and stop looking at the br of your battle. It doesn’t matter. Only 4 players on each side are top tier and they may only have one or 2 vehicles that br anyway. Secondly br is always changing.

Your making a judgement call on tanks just because of their br, they have their br because that’s where there performance has put them. Br changes are every 3 months, 3 months ago that same tank might have been a br higher or lower. To complain about the br of the enemy tank now but 3 months ago may have been the same br as yours and could go back in 3 months time.

Age of tank means nothing at all considering the game environment doesn’t represent real life so the performance of each vehicle is relative to the game mechanics and maps.

Quitting only increases the chances your team loses, makes br and balancing harder because you and anyone else doing it is effecting the true performance of your vehicle. The more you play the more accurate the stat’s and better balance can be.

P. S. Your getting an even spread of uptier and low tiers across the tree. You can’t possibly be getting 90% up tiers because that would mean there are brs getting 90% down tiers and that doesn’t exist. Everyone always thinks they get only up tiers but that’s because downtiers od mid tier battles don’t upset you so you don’t make space in your memory for the. It’s called negative bias. People always remember the negative events but never the remember mundane the same way.

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If I get it right the 4 uptier players can be 1br up, but the rest of the team can be 0.7 higher ?

Skill issue

Statistically untrue and Uptiers aren’t Gaijin’s control. It’s entirely based on what Battle rating is played the most.

You could not waterboard such information out of me. You are actually admitting to being a one death leaver in a community that hates those people.

Assuming you’re playing 6.7 or so, there are few post war vehicles you’d struggle to penetrate on the side with most guns. This is especially true since most vehicles after WW2 actually got thinner overall, not heavier. It would help if you actually elaborated and didn’t leave speculation to what vehicles you’re referring to. HEAT shells are not that big of a deal anymore and are rarely better than your average APCBC round. Early ATGM vehicles also aren’t very good options. For example, the Ratel 20, Zachlam Tager, and Type 60 ATM really aren’t that good of a pick compared to other options.

I don’t see why you bother to play a game you clearly do not enjoy. It’s not healthy for you.


Full uptiers hurt the most in naval. Getting oneshot on the spawn is not a fun thing.

As for other game modes it’s not bad imo but certainly could be better.

I honestly didn’t even know this lol

Most of your games will be up tiers… Sooo i suggest you get used to it , or play a different game.

yes yes … uptier … uptier … and? Adapt …
If you get stuck in the negative mindset that you can’t do anything, you also won’t be able to do anything in a downtier … how often do I see the famous full downtier players who think they can do what they want now and after 30 seconds they are back in the hangar …

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